Sunday, January 07, 2007

New Year's Resolutions

A new year, a new me. That's my number one New Year's resolution in this so-called list that I made. Let's just forget the fact that New Year's Day was days ago. The year is still new to me :p Now, I'm in some sort of 'transition'; from being a foundation student to being an undergraduate. Ooooo. The pressure. That's why there's supposed to be some sort of change in me. Just don't expect for the results to appear from thin air. It's still early, you know.

Apart from that, this is also why I've decided to make a new blog here. I've been comtemplating for quite some time now; about making a new blog. So, here it is. I think I'll still keep the old one, though. The main reason for keeping the old one is because I always have a lot to write; that is when I don't have writer's block :p I think I was destined to be some sort of writer but since my vocabulary/grammar ain't that good, I decided against it. Actually, I never thought of becoming a writer at all. I only noticed that I had a knack for writing when I started with this blog-craze. In fact, I thought of being an accountant. Now, what am I doing? Taking up Chemical Engineering. I guess it's in the genes :p

Okay. Let's just get straight to the point before I start babbling more. I actually wanted to write about my New Year's Resolutions. Just for fun. There's nothing lost and nothing gained, right?

New Year's Resolution #1 : A new year, a new me.
It's some sort of phrase that I keep saying over and over again. Don't know for what reason. Actually, I think I know why. Something happened. That something has probably left a huge mark in my life. Bad experience in the 'some four letter word and that word is not a curse word' department. Darn (trying to keep the blog clean :p). I still feel that annoying feeling; hurt. It's going to take a long time to heal. Still, I hope this friendship won't just fade away. I still want to be in it, no matter how much it hurts.

New Year's Resolution #2 : Study smart.
This resolution has always been in my list somehow. And I always fail miserably. There is always a lot of motivation earlier on but somehow this motivation that I had earlier on will slowly die and dissapear in the darkness. muahahaha. So, in the end, I always end up doing last minute studies; SPM included. hihi. However, I'm really really going to try my best in making sure this resolution will succeed this time. Gambate!

New Year's Resolution #3 : Smile.
What a weird resolution, right?

New Year's Resolution #4 : Forgive and forget.
We'll see the outcome later on.

New Year's Resolution #5 : Die akan menyesal?
Huhu. Don't have a clue on what I'm talking about? Then, don't think about it because I also don't have an effing clue about it, too. Blur~

New Year's Resolution #6 : Saya tak mahu menyesal.
I don't want to have any regrets in my life. I'm going to live my life to the fullest.

New Year's Resolution #7 : Don't search for perfection.
This is a tough one. I keep doing it. No one's perfect. Enough of this being perfect thing already. I guess it has to do with me being the eldest; the pressure of having to succeed so that my siblings will have a good example to follow. That's why I always try to be perfect especially when it comes to the results. Now, for me everything else has to be that way too. But like I said a while back; unperfection is what makes life a bit more interesting.

I guess that's all the resolutions I've set so far. Some of them are quite common but they mean a lot to me. Hope these resolutions will succeed. hihi.

P.S. Why do they act like I'm their's? But then, they end up hurting me.

By the way, here's the link to my old blog