Wednesday, March 23, 2011


Suddenly, I think my hair is cute like this. Hahaha

Monday, March 21, 2011

Life of a Jobless Girl

Wow, it has been more than a month since I my last update. Seriously, I didn't know what to update about since there's just so much to update on.. NOT! Haha. I've been doing nothing at home. Just eating and sleeping and eating and sleeping and downloading too many series and movies.

The weekdays are just such a bore since no one is ever home except me, but the weekends are sometimes filled with some kind of activity. I've been going to Shah Alam/Klang/KL for god knows how many times during this 'holiday'. My grandparents also came all the way from Sarawak. They spent like a whole month here in Semenanjung, two weeks in Shah Alam, two in Melaka, spent a weekend in Terengganu (me and my sis stayed at home), and another weekend in Penang. Berjalan sakan my grandparents!

Went to KL and had a blast lepaking with them :D

Went to Klang and ended up celebrated Mokte's becoming birthday

Penang was okay, I guess. We didn't go the touristy places (where I soooo wanted to go), so that means I'm still not satisfied. Kena pegi lagiiii. Dah lameee nak pusing-pusing tempat pelancongan kat Penang tu tapi xkesampaian. Last time I pusing there was when I was a cute lil' girl. Lame dah kut. One day Penang, one day. Tunggu jek. Hehe

Somewhere in Penang

So for now, I'll just stay home and try to menternak lemak, which is still unsuccessful. I'm still the same weight I was when I finished UTP. Ahakz. Tapi kalau ikut BMI dah almost normal dah: 18.6, still underweight, just 0.4 more to reach normal. If you wanna believe the 40sen penimbang berat kat Ampang Point  laaaaa. Hahaha

Okeh, cam dah merapu. Taaa

Friday, February 18, 2011


Okay, tatau nape tapi dah malas nk update blog skang. Dah tade semangat. Depressed.

Saturday, January 22, 2011


I've never actually done this before but since I got all the time in the world, there's always the first for everything rightt? This should be a quick one coz I'm feeling a bit tired working today. I know I said I retired but I had to step in for today since the part-timers were on leave today. They went to the "Jom Masuk U" thingy at MITC. I didn't go but they said UTP pon ade! Now, I'm starting to miss UTP. Hhhmmm... Anyways, sesape tgh nak masuk U tu, pegilaaa. I think its going on during the weekend. For more info, please click HERE.

Eh lari topik plak kan. Sempat lagi promote. Haha. So, let's just go straight to the point. The tag I got is from nurainrose. Hehe

"Once you have been tagged,you are suppose to write a note, with 25 random thing, fact, habits or goal about you. At the end, choose 25 people to be tagged. You have to tag the person who tagged you. If I tag you, it's because I want to know more about you. Your cooperation is highly appreciated."

So here are the 25 random things about me! :)

1. My name is Nadiah binti Jamil. Yep. It's that short. Jangan terkejut. Sometimes people like to tease me because of this.

2. I'm the eldest, but most people usually think I'm either the youngest or in the middle. Nape ehh?

3. When I was younger, I was sooooo obsessed with WESTLIFE. Sume album pon beli. Sume lagu pon tauu. Its kinda embarassing to admit it now coz boybands are so LAME now. Eh, tapi dulu cool tau! Don't teaseee

4. Random fact: You know my car plate number, JKD ****. The meaning behind it is "Jamil Kena Dera" since he has to pay the monthly bill. Tapi nanti bile akak keje akak kena smbung kan kan kan? -____-

5. At home, I'm just called "Kakak". Sume org pon panggil tu. Most of my aunts, uncles, grandparents, my parents' friends pon. Haha. At school, I was just called Nadia and to certain people yang gedik, Dia. Aigoo ayu sangat. My nickname Naddy just started at UTP kutt. Its from an email I made. Dah taley gune dah emel tu, lupe passowrd. Hehe. The shortest nickname: D.

6. Mase baru-baru masok UTP tu, my weight was about 40kg. Skang dah 47kg! Naek 7kg duk UTP. So ssape yang rase die tu tiang, sile la pegi mapley stiap malam. Pastu balek tido la ehhh. Tayah ngade2 nak exercise. Haha. Sbb there was one sem, I was active playing netball, nmpk lagi keding dari biase -___- Tapi dun worryyy. Nmpk je. Hehe. 

7. I like the colour purple!!

8. I don't like cats. Haha. I don't hate them because hate is a veryy strong word but you won't find a cat in my home soon. Unless I'm married to someone who adores themmm. Hehe

9. Dulu mase mule2 masok UTP, sangat skemaa. Now?? ....Hancurrrr

10.  I seriously hate pacats! Or worms, or anything that is long and doesn't have legs and icky gooey. Ular acceptable lagi la kut. The first time kena gigit pacat was when I went on the Rekreasi camp for Co-cu UTP during first year first kut. Gile nanges menjerit2 suh orang cabutkan. Malu wehhhh. 

11. Saye baek. Angkat bakul sndiri sbb ringan sangat. Bile tipu berat sbb dosa kan? So maksudnye saye tak tipu. Haha

12. I am a good listener. But sometimes too good of a listener. Jadi cam emotional sponge. Sometimes je. Hehe. 

13. I prefer subjects that require memorizing. Bagi laa papepon yang kena baca. Boley score! Except BIOLOGY. I sucked at that. Haha. I LOVED History though. Teacher's pet kut dulu. Hehe. 

14. When I worked at my mom's cafe, I loved to do everything except taking orders and sending them. Saye pemaluuuu. Huk3

15. At school, saye budak yang paling baek. Urghh I hate thinking the fact that I was soooo budak baek mase kat skolah dulu. Tak rock langsungg

16. Suke bawak kete laju2. And suke hon orang if orang tu wat salahhh. Tapi laju saye selamat je :)

17. Okay starting to run out of random things to say about myself. Erm, I started blogging in 2006.

18. I'm currently hungry.

19. I like to drive so this means I like to travel. Setakat KL-Melaka tu ape ade hal kannn? Hehe. Tapi kekadang menyampah ngan orang yang tak reti drive dgn betol. Pk die je. Tak pasal2 kite plak accident kan. Ish2.

20. (tiru Zeema) Penah jatuh moto gakk. Mase tu kat tapak konvo 2008. Tak pena ade lesen moto and tak pena bawak moto, maka menggedik la nak try bawak moto Ide time tuu. Ide ajar la cane nak start, accelerate sume. Tapi bile dah boley gerak, baru sedar die tak ajar cane nak brake. Sooooo, tak reti nak stop. In the end, langgar meja2 kat tapak konvo tuu and moto tu jatuh on me. Naseb baek tade pape. Haha. Banyak saksi wehhhh. Malu3. Hehe

21. I like to play bowlinggg. Jum lawannn?

22. I'm the eldest cucu at my mom's side. So, I'm the first for everything. I'll be the first to graduate! At my dad's side tak sure lakk. Banyak je lagi tua. Hehe

23. Tak saba nak stat keje, though I know I'll regret saying that. Will really miss UTP. Huhu

24. I have a huge collection of bracelets! Selalu gile beliii. Tapi pakainye takk. Hehe. Ade bebrape je that I always wear.

25. Okeh dah abes dah. (Kire ke tak niii?)

Well, that was kinda hard. I wanna tag everyone that hasn't been tagged yet. Korang sume dah wat kann. Dak2 UTP je sume niii. Lemme tag my old schoolmate. Zila, sile buat tag nii! Tapi buat lepas dah siap design DC ko tuu :P

Monday, January 17, 2011

She Works Hard for the Money

Hi, my name is Nadiah. I have a panda. His name is...

Err. Errm. Malu lah nak cakap. Name die sgt pelik. Haha. Kesian die tauu. Mesti kena penyek ble tdo. Patotla muke pasrah mcm tu je. Haha


I have always been multi-tasking. Constantly. When I was a student, I always multi-tasked. Wat esemen sambil layan cite sambil maen FB and maybe at the same time SMSing. Gile kann? Like now laaa. I'm writing this post while at the same time playing poker, chatting with 3 of my friends, and surfing the internet. So this post is gonna take like forever to finish. Haha


Okay, dunno why I'm so random today. Lari topik je ni. Adeh. Haven't updated my blog for awhile now since I've been busy working. Penat wehh. Wake up early in the morning to go and pick up the others, and end up making the 10-minute journey to the cafe a 45-minute journey. That's why I've been so tensed when it comes to driving. Huk3. Too many bad drivers on the road! And bile balek dah gelap. Wahhhh.

And, I've been working really hard for the money. Since one of the part-timers left, tinggal lah me and my brother. And I've done basically everything. 

  1. Cashier
  2. Waiter
  3. Make drinks
  4. Wash the dishes
  5. Closing the account - balance the accounts. 
  6. Cleaning - Sweeping, mopping, wiping tables and windows
  7. Work the drink machines 
  8. Help prepare food
  9. Cake-packaging
  10. Make coleslaw, 13 litres of mushroom soup (cool!)
  11. Putting price tags pakai that price-tag gun. Awesomeee kan?! (Excited plak)
Saje nak penohkan 10, ttbe dapat 11. Hehe. Rasenye cam ade je lagii. But these are the main things that I do. Banyak tapi besh laa. Macam2 buat. I've been only working for one week only but then I have to be a sifu to these newbies. They came in on Wednesday. They are the real part-timers while I just filled in the void for the time being. Gile la. Never new I was such a fast learner kann. Mr. P, cpt panggil budak ni! Hehe Okay, angkat bakul sendiri pulak die niii. 

Honestly, I've never worked this hard to earn money. Since I've only worked once before and that was during my internship. RM500 a month was just a piece of cake compared to this. If I did work a full month I will get about the same amount, and that is done by doing all those above. But it does depend though. On slow business days, I won't have that much work. Hehe. 

Anyways, what I get from this is job really priceless. I tend to appreciate those working at restaurants more. Learn to be moreeee patient when waiting for the food and such. Penat weh keje. Besides that, I really value money more. Since I have to work soooo hard for it, I feel like I wanna keep it. Tamo gunee. Hihi

Starting from tomorrow, I will officially retire from the food biz industry and become a driver, since there are the new part-timers to ganti me. Kejap sgt keje dah retire. Haha. Lepas ni jd part-time driver and suri rumah. Heee

By the way, the title of this post is from this song:

Sebenarnye, pena dengar 2-3 kali je lagu nii. Mase nak pk title ni br teringat pasal lagu ni. Hihi

P.S. Yesterday went out with my ex-schoolmates. Beshhh. We went shopping (eh, kate nak save duet??), karok-ing, pegi pantai, and jonker walk-ing! Hihi. Hope to hang out soon!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011


Hey, it's another day that has a cute date! And on this day, it brings lots of meaning to me. 

I'm finally, officially graduated from UTP! Woohooo! Results were out at about 12.30 am in the morning. After clicking the "Exam Result Slip" a gazillion of times (starting from 12am) baru la kuarrr slipnye. Pandai betol UTP pilih tarikh kann? This also means the start of that long 6-month period to wait for that P placement. Adehh. Lame kut. I already feel bored waiting for the results to come out. And now, I have to start to do another countdown. Hope I get it quick :D

Oh, my results were not as good as the previous semester. My major subjects didn't help much. Even after all that studying and struggling. Tsk tsk. Well, that's my luck when it comes to exams. The efforts never seem to be enough. Only sometimes I do manage to get pleasing results. However, I did manage to get a solid A in French. Looks like I deserve a holiday trip to France, don't you think? Dahla French was my last paper, and at that time, most of my friends dah abes exam pon. Pegi study kat IRC pon gelak2 study je with the people taking Arab kan. Talk about language barrier kann? Susah kut study ngan orang laen2 bahasa. Haha.

IRC study-mates and French classmates.
Alamak, Wan tade dalam gambar. Hehe

And I'll never forget the full marks we got for our French Drama. I think I still owe my group mates something. They were really the people that made my day during my birthday (sbb the drama presentation was on that day too) since I was totally ignored that day, while at the same time losing my FYP and FYDP files. Yep, those were just pranks. Don't worry. I don't have to repeat my FYP and FYDP, okayy. They are just pranks that were really stressful! Sedey tauuu T_T

Ehh, sayang pulak saye dengan French nii. Meleret2 je cakap pasal die. Tapi mestila sayang dah dapat A kann. Haha. Anywayss, congrats JAN'06ers. Kite dah grad! Can't wait to start a new phase in life :)

Saturday, January 08, 2011

Part-time Job

It just had my shower and am currently resting on the sofa. Heyyy, today was a veryyyyyy tiring day okay. Can't believe I've been working for 4 days already. Haha. I'm helping out at my mom's cafe, Dayang Recipe. Currently understaffed, but at least I get salary. It's better than doing nothing at home at getting nothing. Hehe

Today was probably the busiest day yet. I just lost my dish-washing partner, as she had to go back to her college. So there I was having to do the dishes and at the same time checking out if there were customers that needed to be attended to. If there were any, I had to settle their bills or take their orders. Other than that, there was the task of making the drinks, sending the orders, cleaning the tables and occasionally trying to meet the customers demand.

And then there were the cake-buyers. So I had to explain about the cakes and then cut and pack them into their desired size. Gahhh. Tak kesah laaa if datang sorang2. Ni datang sekaligus. Mau kelam kabut. Haha. My lunch today was at 7pm and that can already be counted as dinner. Thank god my little bro was around to help. There was just the three of us, including the cook. Siyes tak cukup tangan ni. Tunggula staff baru datang. Can't wait. Hoho.

The upside of all the madness is the food. Yummy! Can eat every second of the day. I seriously feel fat just being in the cafe. Asyik nak mengunyah je. Hehehe. So, if you wanna lose weight, don't work in the food biz. My bro who worked while waiting for his results gained a significant amount of weight. Now, he's back to normal laa. Dah masok Uni bagai kann. Hehe

That's all I can manage to say. Tired. 

Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Pelancong itu.

From the title, I hope you know what I'm talking about. Well, do you?

Okay okay. Let's just go straight to the point. On Monday, I went out with my BFF, Aizat. She was supposed to go back to her university, tapi die ponteng!! Haha Saje nak kantoikan die. Hihi. After 2-3 jam makan sambil berborak kat McD, baru lah decide nak wat ape kann. Since we don't have money to shop (tapi end up jugak buy a pair of jeans + a cute blouse), we decided to watch a movie and the only movie to watch that seemed okay was "The Tourist". Before the movie, we went to pick up Liena at Melaka Sentral as she had an interview the following day. Sampai2 je bawak die tengok wayang kann. Hebat tak tourist guide layan tetamu? Haha. Oh, the embarrassing thing was me and Aizat asyik sesat mase nak cari a place to eat dinner mase bawak Liena tuh. Sesat dalam shopping mall lak tu! Duhh Lame gileeee. Hahahaha. So I kinda fail jadi tourist guide kadang2. Hihi

All in all, the movie was awesome! Cool! Funny! And I would like to watch it againnn! Hehe. I don't wanna say much because then I would be giving away spoilers. But, Johnny Depp is just being Johnny Depp. So cool and mysterious. I like. Hehe. 

Oh, one thing that made me so attracted to the movie is the location. VENICE, Italy is soooo awesome! Tak jadi la nak pegi France. I want to go to Venice, pulak! Serious! I was so in awe of the boats, the buildings, the amount of water surrounding that city. Breathless, speechless, coolness, awesomeness. Haha. Running out of words dah niii. But now I have to learn Italian. Buongiorno~ Hihi

Cool kann? 

See that S-curve formed by the Grand Canal.

No traffic! Hehe

The moment I start working, I will make a tabung-pegi-Venice so that one day I can go on a holiday there. It would be even cooler if I could go there on my honeymoon. Hihi. Let's hope this wish of mine comes true one day :D

P.S. Cool gile Eppy buat GIF. He posted on his tumblr. Eppy's tumbler. I don't have an account. Should I make one?

Monday, January 03, 2011


My blog's activity patterns are quite obvious. It is usually active during semester breaks andddd.....there is one post I'll never miss updating. New Year's Resolutions. Lawak je bile fikir balek. Haha. So, I guess I'll try to stick to this tradition. To tell you the truth, I was quite proud of myself for achieving most of my previous New Year's Resolution, especially the exercising part. Cool tak? Hehe. But it only lasted for one semester sebab the second sem ade puase bla bla bla. Alasan semate-mate kan. Hahaha. 

Anyways, one of my best friend said that I kinda changed for the better (referring to the resolution #8, I guess). So, all in all, I achieved 2010's New Year's Resolutions. Let's try to make 10 new resolutions to be achieved for 2011, in random order.

Presenting 2011's New Year's Resolutions......

#10 Try to get a job that I can live with for the rest of my life.
Alhamdulillah, I was recommended, pending to results, bla bla bla. So, the only logical thing to do is wait for a placement in the 6 month period. But, if I don't get any news in the next 2 months, I guess I'll start to find a job. Just in case. For now, my parents want me to work on a project. Just wait for it! Hehe. And I probably have a part-time job waiting for me. Bile tah nak statnyee. Huk3

#9 Start saving
I seriously like to shop. Though, the problem is not really that chronic, because I don't always go shopping. But, I usually tend to buy things that I don't really use. Clothes, especially. I have a closet full of them. I should probably do a garage sale. Menarek tak idea tu? Tapi sape tah nak belii. Haha. So, after I get a job, I'll save more, invest some, and spend less of the salary. Deal?

#8 Go on plenty of holidays
I had the same resolution last year, and that resolution wasn't really achieved. Most of the trips I made were quite spontaneous, so it wasn't really a holiday. Not many pics and places visited were quite limited. And basically, there weren't many trips pon. Ish3. Sedey. Lepas ni keje lagi susah nak pegi holiday. T_T So, let's try to make this resolution achieved, shall we?

Would love to go to Paris one day and apply my French-speaking skills. Hee

#7  Moving On
Aihh, setat la benda2 personal as resolution nihh. Do you think this is true?

The past shouldn't interfere with the present.

For me, it is. And for some, not quite. Sometimes you gotta give that second chance. But, if I were involved in any of the past stuff, and if at any time problems start to occur, I hope its not for the same reasons. If not, it would be just plain stupid to be getting involved AGAIN in the first place.  Don't you think so too? Another thing, going on the "We tend to adore those ignore us, and ignore those who adore us" path, I found this:

"Don't let someone become a priority in your life, when you are just an option in theirs."

This is for me to try and figure out. Mule la merepek nih. You guys don't have to try to understand but I hope you get what I'm trying to say. Haha. Canela tu kan? o_O

#6 Be more friendly to people and to the environment
Dan sebenarnya, saye seorang yang pemalu dan garang. Huhu. Pandai2 la nak atasi masalah ni. Hehe. Oh, let's go green too! One problem the world is currently facing is there's just too many plastic bags. In order to overcome this, we gotta stop using plastic bags unnecessarily. Like if you're buying only one item, you don't need the plastic bag, do you? The government is currently trying to make the "No plastic bags every Saturday" a nationwide campaign. We should support this and slowly make it a "No plastic bag every Day" thing! Hehe. *Suddenly I'm turning into an environmentalist.

I really wanna buy one of these bags. Cute!

#5 Try to be less ignorant
This is just a filler sebab bile check balek lupe nak letak #5. So, tanak explain la. Hahaha

#4 Try to be more matured
To tell you the truth, I act like a kid 80% of the day. Is that bad? Tatau laaa. But I should act more responsible these days. More matured. I am kinda matured but maybe I should add a bit more to it? Just maybe? Haha. Dunno where this conversation is heading to. Now, we (Why we? Haha) have to accept the fact that I'm no longer a student and currently employed. This means, sooner or later I will venture into the working world. Cool? Hoho. This is serious business okayy. I have to pay for everything using my own money. And all decisions will affect the rest of my life. Scary kan?

#3 Patuh kepada ibu bapa dan agama
This is the same as last year's. It's really important to consistently achieve this resolution. Both are very important in life. And since I'm matured enough, this has to be a piece of cake...

#2 Exercise
Hahaha. Nak jugak letak kan. Ni dah duk umah ni susah sket la nak exercise. Nak g jog tapi banyak sangat anjing laa kat taman ni. I won't be jogging but I will end up running for dear life. Tanak aku. Huhu. I guess I should buy one of those treadmill kan? Or just cari gym? Haha. Banyak pulak duet. Gahaha

#1 Eat healthily, live healthily
Just yesterday, 33-year-old actor, Faizal Yusof died of a heart attack. Getting a heart attack at 33 years old is kinda scary. I'm 22. That's just an 11 year gap. It was said that his jantung tersumbat. This is probably from eating too much of the junk foods or smoking kan. So, seriously. I have got to start eating lots of veggies and fruits. And drink lots of water. Aishhh. I hate veggies. That's the main problem. Somehow, I gotta overcome that. Besides exercising, eating healthily will definitely improve our health kan. 

That's it. Managed to think of 10 resolutions. Hebattt. Hope they can be achieved by next year!

P.S. Tak saba nak tunggu results kuarr. Bile tah?

Sunday, January 02, 2011

Welcome 2011 :)

I know it's already the second day of the new year but yeahhh, just got back from boring, old Kerteh. Sorry kutuk. Haha. Went to KL on Thursday to settle a few things with the family and headed to Kerteh on Friday to accompany my Dad for the weekend. I feel like a nomad. I've been to Kerteh twice in 3 weeks. KL tayah cakapla. Macam baru lepak Suria KLCC je hari tu? Refer previous post. Did I mention it was the raining season up there in Kerteh? So, me being clever, I just wore these precious Crocs that I bought in Singapore during the Raya holidays. I also wore it the last time I came. Tak perlu pakai selipar cantik2. Too many puddles and what not. Haha.

In my favourite colour :)

Anyways, there was no celebration for the new year. Just stayed home and watched the live concert on TV. Waited until the countdown and went to bed. Pathetic, right? Haha. Tak kesah pon. It's just like any other day. When you put a title for that day, then suddenly that day becomes special kann. Betol tak? Anyways, I was practically on a mission to buy my own set of Monopoly Deal. Cari kat semua tempat pon xjumpe. Okay, okay. Just cari kat Melaka and Suria je hari tu. And who would've guessed I ended up buying it at Toys R Us, Kerteh kan?  Well, Mini Toys R Us. Dah buhsan kat sane, g la maen kat Starbucks. (Tak sangka semua ni ade kat Kerteh kan? HAHAHAHA)

Tengok2, saye ade atuk! Hehe

K bye nak mandi. Baru sangat sampai dr Kerteh niii. Really want to blog about my New Year's Resolution but I haven't given much thought on it. Wait for the next post yeee.