Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Saya SANGAT innocent

Haaa. I'm sooo innocent. Don't believe me?

I just reformatted my laptop walaupon baru je format awal intern hari tu. Thanks Nawi *wink2. Lepas aku mintak ko format, sume nak mintak format kat ko. Ngahaha. Soriii ;)

Eh, lari topik pulak. You want to know why I had to format my lappy? Because I clicked on a !$%^&* SPAM.

Punye lah innocent fikir 'orang tersebut' btol2 nak mintak tolong.

*@#$%: I cant decide if i should make this photo my default. What do you think? Click on link.

So, I went on to click on that link.

Bongok tak? Rase nak dush dush dush je diri sendiri.

The minute I saved that !@$% virus in my laptop, it started to spread spam using my YM! and GTalk account.

You wanna know what BS nonsense it spammed?

naddy: I just got my lip pierced. Tell me what you think of the photo I took of it earlier. Click on link.

Sejak bile pulak aku pierce my lips? Nak kena kejar dengan mak aku dengan pisau ke? Gahaha

Mereka yang mendapat spam itu pulak sume buat2 tanya lak. Haha. Geram weh dengan diri sendiri. *Dush dush dush diri sendiri T_T

So,  after that stupid kejadian, I had to format my laptop. I was planning to upgrade my RAM, so alang alang pegi la upgrade sekali. I also bought the original anti-virus. Kaspersky. The 3-user ones. One for my laptop, one for the PC at home and one for... I don't know. Cepat cepat! 

Who wants to be my anti-virus buddy? 

I bought it for RM105 (I know I know. It's kinda expensive. It's more cheaper during PC Fair tapi nak wat cemane kan?). I'll sell the third ownership for RM30. Okay kan? Please please be lah my anti-virus buddy. Kite share share virus jum? Gahahaha. I'm really broke rite now. I spent RM300 on my laptop for the RAM, anti-virus and format service fee. I hope it isn't slow anymore. If tak, I baling and beli baru je nanti (macam ade duet plak).

Oh, about the spamming thing. I kinda got traumatized when people give links through gtalk now.

The other day, someone pm'ed me their blog link. And this is what happened.

*excerpt from chat 

!@#$%^&: blogspot link

naddy: ni spam ke?

!@#$%^&: tak. blog aku. =.='

naddy: (trauma tekan link.haha)
           smlm tekan jadi spam
           nanti aku visit ye ;)

Tengok! Terus trauma. Jelas jelas tulis blogspot kut. Pegi fikir tu spam watape? T_T
Ayat last tu ayat nak sedapkan hati. Tapi betol. I really visited your blog. Hehe

Saturday, December 19, 2009


I'm seriously dying of boredom here. I don't know what to do. I'm currently up-to-date with all the series and now they are all on hiatus. Then does that mean I should go on a hiatus too? Waa. I think this internship period has reached up to its maximum point. It's just too long. It's like you're working but then not long enough to actually be considered as one. Erk. I don't get what I just said. This is just the boring in me talking.

My final presentation is settled so there is basically nothing much for me to aside from finishing my final report and logbooks. Thank god my logbook is always on track. Tak sanggup nak kejar kejar. Oh my final presentation went pretty well! Thanks to both of my supervisors. I was quite satisfied with it since I didn't even practice much or even memorized anything. I learnt that lesson with PCS. Tak paya hafal hafal. Nanti diri kat depan je terus lupe lirik. Haha.

Aaaaa. Bored. Me posting this post pon bored, blum lagi yang membaca kan? Sure bored baca. Wawawa. Whatever. Rasa nak pegi tengok wayang. Avatar jom? Gile desperate skang nih. My friends are not around. My mom is working on a Saturday, which is also coincidentally her birthday (Happy 45th!) and my dad is out playing golf. My brothers pula are out with their friends, leaving me alone at home. Gaahhh.

Dahla. Nak pegi jogging la. Gahahaha

*Please take note the time published and now it's raining. Gile ke nak jogging? Oh, me = jogging? Sangat tak logik. HAHA

Friday, December 11, 2009

10 Reasons Why I Wouldn't Miss Wearing that Uniform

My internship period is almost over. I've got 28 days 'til freedom (kire pakai jari tuu). Due to this bored feeling of mine today, I've decided to share with you 10 reasons (if I could actually come up with 10) why I wouldn't miss wearing that awfully yellow uniform to work.

1. It makes you look 10kg more than you actually weigh. I weigh around 46kg (at most) but somehow, I look like I weigh 60kg when I wear that coverall. Haha. This makes me rethink my decision of gaining weight. I think I'll just stay this way. I kinda like it like this ;)

2. It's really hard when you have to use the toilet. Should I even explain this? Haha.

3. You tend to become famous. Don't get what I mean? Well, just imagine walking in a shopping mall wearing this. It works more if you're a girl. I guess society isn't use to seeing girls in coveralls huh? I hate those stares. It's not like I'm walking around naked and showing off my assets, you know.

4. It tends to become a conversation starter. Somehow, people will start to ask what you do sampai kena pakai coverall. Then, you have to explain bla bla bla. Dapat ke orang yang open-minded takpe. Dapat ke orang yang tak open-minded tu... He'll start questioning my decision to study engineering, just because I'm a girl. Eh, this is the modern world. Girls can do what guys can do too, okay. Oh,  and jangan sebuk sebuk la, sukati la aku nak study ape. Huh. Tetibe geram lak kan.

5. Because it's god-awfully yellow and you can see me even in a 100km radius. Okay okay. Not that far, but you can still me. It's so attention-seeking and I hate it since I'm trying to keep a low profile here. Haha

Okay. I'm stuck. I managed to get only five. Why, oh why my top 10 lists never actually contain 10? Hee. I'll try harder next time. ;)

There is a few reasons why I would miss wearing that uniform though.

1. You don't need to think what you have to wear for work everyday. I basically wear this EVERYDAY. Oh, I wash them okay. Jangan tuduh tuduh plak. I can actually count how many times I wear normal clothes to work... only FOUR (4) times; 3 times during the induction days and once before the hari raya holidays. Waa. Sangat skett.

Okay, ni pon dapat satu je. Haha. Malas nak fikir laa.

see! nampak cm nek 10kg kn? waa

Tuesday, December 08, 2009


sekarang tengah serabut. arrghh

takde kaitan dgn intern, mahupun presentation next week.

just serabut.

pening kepala and mimpi pon pelik pelik je nih.

can you please go away? pretty please, with sugar on top?


trouble is a friend no matter where you go oh oh~

no matter if you're fast, no matter if you're slow oh oh~

*you is serabut

Wednesday, December 02, 2009


Tak tau la knape. Patutnya, da nak habes intern, kena la start merajinkan diri kan? Try to gather as much knowledge as I can during the short period of time that is left. Ni tak. Bertambah malas lagi adelah. Tapi tak tau lah malas dari segi ape. Nak cakap logbook tak siap lagi, on track je. Sekarang tengah wat logbook bulan November (FYI, I have to send my logbooks on a monthly basis). I've done all the work my SV has asked me to do. In fact, I'll always try to get it done the same day. Tapi tipu la if I say I only do work kat ofis tu kan? Hee. Adelah jugak main main. *wink2* Tapi mostly main main kut. Haha.

To be honest, I was really excited during the starting of my internship. Getting a place at a refinery. Getting to wear the yellow-DIGI coverall. I always sunk my head into the P&IDs and operating manuals. Hafal baek punye la. But it only lasted at least 2 months. Now, I'm just plain bored. Too much hope given, but not granted. (Ayat macam baru putus cinta je. Haha) I go to work with this 'pasrah' face. Like I'm being forced to go. Tapi memang pon. Kalau tak pegi, fail la. Hee.

The second visit will be on the 16th this month, and I haven't even started on my slides. Eh, dah stat dah. First slide tu jela.

by Nadiah binti Jamil bla bla bla

So, starting from next week, I have to be serious. I have to go to work with a smile on my face (Padahal, tengah pilih satu hari nak ponteng next week. Haha. Oopsie :D). I have to start working on my slides. There's another trainee that just joined my department, so I can bully him. *Hihihi. Evil laugh wink2* (Gile overemphasize part tu). Okay, that's all. Update blog pon dah malas dah ni. This is like the first update in 2 weeks. Selalu, update cm hape je :D