Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Kembali aktif?

I used to be a very active blogger. So the active part is kinda exaggerating. But the point is, I stopped. Due to several factors. Lets list them down quickly.

  1. Heartbroken. (A very old story. HAHA)
  2. No time to write.
  3. The internet sucked. BIG TIME. 
  4. Malas. Tapi sebenarnya, I have too many things to write until I dunno how to start. *wink2

That's about it. Malas nak fikir dah O_O

So, since I don't have anything better to do at home (and the internet is soooo FAST), I guess I will be updating often. Hehe

I'm currently supposed to tanam anggur but since I don't have any land, I gotta find something else to do. Huk3.

Yesterday I spent the whole day at Suria KLCC just for the sake of it. My mom got a meeting there so, my sis, cousin and me, ended up following so we weren't stuck bored at home. There were major sales everywhere. But I didn't buy anything. Rugii je. Haha. But the main point is, we went to PETROSAINS. Of alllll the places in there kannnn.

But to tell you the truth, it was kinda cool. You really have a greater appreciation of the things there when you just finished a degree in Chemical Engineering. I have practically been exposed of all things in PETROSAINS for 5 years. So, it wasn't THAT lame. Hehe.  But just never go there during school holidays. NEVER. That was not a wise choice to do.

Saturday, December 25, 2010

The Unplanned Vacation

But can you call it a vacation? Its more like a roadtrip. Pegi maen redah je. The moment I arrived, terus banjir. Never ever thought that raining for just one whole day can cause quite a flood. Roads were closed, ade jalan runtuh and siap ade sampan bagai. Okay, now I'm acting all jakun. Since it was raining, the whole day, I really couldn't go anywhere. Just pusing-pusing dalam kereta. Last2 pegi McD jugak kan. Haha. What will the world be without it, right? The next day, just spent a few hours at K. Terengganu and went to Kemaman. There's basically just plenty of beaches there. Next time, I should come during a non-raining season. Pandai kan? Adeh.

Curik je gambar sbb xamek gambar. Huk3

Oh, I ended up going to Kelantan by bus, alone. Haha. Forgot to mention that I was sick the whole trip. Sampai2 Kerteh I was already feeling under the weather. Anyways, it was kinda cool naek bas sorang2 pegi negeri orang. Cm backpacking gituu. The bus ride took 5 hours from Dungun to wherever I stopped. Lupe dah name tempat tu. Stop depan masjid and the opposite road ade post office. Ide suruh turun awal to avoid the jam in KB. So there I was waiting all alone by the side of the road carrying a backpack and pretending to play with my phone while a long line of cars stuck in a jam keep staring at me macam budak hilang mak je. Malu okayy.

I arrived 7pm Tuesday and I had to go back my Thursday morning, so I only had one whole day to jalan-jalan. They took me to Rantau Panjang and Pantai Cahaya Bulan. At night, Mokte took me to see airplanes so I can wish upon them. Tak tak. Nak g tengok je. Memang cm jakun tapi it was cool when there was this HUGE JET lalu depan mata! It was like a scene from a movie. Speechless mann.

 Rupe-rupenye sini pon zon bebas cukai. Baru tauuu!

Depan masjid. Lupe name die ape. Unik kannn

Kat PCB.

As usual, more pics kat FB. Anwayss, I took the 10.30 am bus. The bus was only a few minutes late but somehow, the journey back to Kerteh was longer than the journey to KB. I arrived depan the PETRONAS Complex kat Kerteh tu in 7 hours. Huhu. Aritu memang la naek dari Dungun, tapi Dungun-Paka setengah jam jela kut kann? Tensen je since I was trying to catch my dad's ride. Tsk. Ban bus kejapppp. After my dad picked me up there, we headed straight home. Home, at last! 

Kerteh and KB in memories. 19-23 Decemeber 2010.

Wednesday, December 08, 2010


Today is a very sad day. A day that is inevitable. Every beginning has an ending. Or as the Malays will say, "Setiap pertemuan ada perpisahan". When you were leaving, I really didn't know what to say. I was speechless. I spent the whole night before crying because you sent that touching email. I couldn't sleep and I ended up sleeping at 4 a.m. You were leaving early, so I had to wake up early. Now, I can't seem to sleep. Tears still keep coming to me. I've known you too long to let go of you. I really treasure this friendship and wish the best of you. Things will never be the same again. We will be going our separate ways after this. We will be leading our own charmed life. And I really wish the best for you. You can be so forgetful, so NEVER forget me. Thanks for all the wonderful memories. Thanks for all the advice and help and just being there for me. Sorry for any wrongdoings. Sorry for any kekurangan. That's all I can say. I will sorely miss you my dear friend.


Sunday, August 08, 2010



Gelabah punye pasal. Trus malukan diri sendiri.

Aih. Trauma dengan diri sendiri. Haha

*Malam before ability test lak tuh*

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Update update

I seriously need a place to vent. But before I start to rant on things I shouldn't rant about here, let me talk about other things first so I can forget about this current situation. 

Nowadays, I just don't like to update my blog much. Malas kut. hee. I'm currently at UTP trying to finish my FYP, eh silap, START my FYP and yeah, it's currently stuck. I only went back for two weeks for my semester break. Yeah, you read it right. TWO WEEKS. And now I'm back to UTP yang tercinta. 

This time around, I went back to UTP by bus. 
It has been ages since I went back by bus. The last time I remembered was in 2008. Haha. That was such a long time ago -____-

Anyways, I arrived at about 5 pm on Monday. Oh, FYI, I took the wrong bus. I didn't pass by UTP, so I had to stop at Manjung. Thank god, my friends were already here and were kind enough to fetch me. Thanks Sue and Mya. :)

Not much progress has been done for my FYP since I arrived. In short, this is what I have done so far:

Tuesday: Brief discussion with RO and housekeeping of the equipment; like totally wiping all the dust off it.

Wednesday: Brief discussion with RO and Prof. and do inventory for the chemicals.

Thursday (today): Go the lab to meet with technicians but to no avail. Go to IRC in the afternoon to study a bit. 

Yeah, you read it right. I went to the freakin' IRC. Haha. Gile lah. Tak sangka boley g IRC time sem break ni  o__o

I should be starting my first official experiment tomorrow. And I don't have an effing clue on what or how to do it. Let's just pray that the lab won't explode or at least burn down. 

Tuesday, June 08, 2010

i'm worried sick over someone that i shouldn't worry about

Saturday, January 16, 2010



I hate it when this happens. I can't freakin' sleep! And it's all my @#$%^& fault!

Dah tau betapa kuatnye kesan caffeine ke atas diri sendiri, pegi minum sebelum nak tidor wat ape haa?

Okay, technically, I wasn't drinking it before going to sleep. I drank it during dinner. Had dinner at OldTown with my family last night. And I drank my favourite drink, ice blended mocha. *drooling now* And it wasn't even pure coffee for crying out loud!!!!

Oh, the effect of caffeine is so strong on me -_- I've been doing the GLEE series marathon all morning. And now it's 4.30 am and I still can't sleep! I'm also feeling hungry now. Gahhhhh.

Lapar lapar lapar lapar lapar lapar lapar.


Okay, serious da takde keje nih.

Can someone please sing me a lullaby until I go to sleep? Pretty please? With Kisses on TOP? Okay, I meant the chocolate. Not smooching.

Next time, I'm soooo not drinking caffeine before I sleep. I need to get a restraining order from them. Gahhhhh. T_T Someone should hit me in the head so hard 'til my eyes pop out if I want to drink another caffeine-infested drink before sleeping. -_-

Saturday, January 09, 2010

Hard to Say No

It's always hard for me to say no. 

I always say yes.

I wish I can sometimes say no.

I wish I can.

Friday, January 01, 2010

Happy New Year 2010!

Okay okay. I'm still too early. There's about an hour to go 'til the clock strikes 12. I can't believe another year has gone by. However, I lagiiii can't believe that my internship is going to end next week! But that's another story to tell. This year, I turn 21. Well, barely. I'm 21 years, 1 month and 26 days old to be exact. Haha. I don't want to admit that I'm old. As usual. ;P

A lot of things have happened this year. Good memories, bad memories; mostly bad ones. How I wish I can just wish them away, but I can't. That's life. Properly described below.

Since it's the new year, let's do what everyone does. Those new-year-resolution-things. Gahh. I like!! Lagi lagi if kena buat list. Tak tau kenapa I like listing things in my blog -_-

Let's do it! (Kita buat countdown nak? Nampak menarik skett. Haha. Let's try 10. Tapi macam tak cukup je. Gahh)

My 2010 New Year's Resolution

10. Forget the past. Wahhh. Masok masok list terus serious. T_T But, yeah. I'll try to forget. It will be hard since I once considered that person to be an important person in my life, someone that I could trust. And somehow, the trust was misused. Everything was just a lie. Period. However, since this is the 10th item on the list, you can see how I don't really emphasize this resolution because for me, forgetting means I have forgiven (I can really forget, trust me) and I don't want to forgive, even in the near future because I can't forget. Okayh. Ayat dah berbelit. Sile go to next point.

9. Jadi budak baik rajin pandai. Since next year is my final year in UTP, I seriously have to get serious! I do study (Tak caye tanya roommate!) but mostly I study last minute and I only focus on enjoying. Lagi lagi last semester. But that was forgiven since I was not in the best of condtions. Huh. Oh, and I actually did pretty well! Looks like I have to get myself into a lot of trouble since I strive under the worst conditions x_X

8. Change for the best. Wow. Still in a serious mood, huh? I have changed a little since last semester. Maybe that was just the turning point. Maybe I was tired of all the !@#$% happening in my life at that time. And even in the past. People may say I have changed physically, but I have changed emotionally as well. Tapi tak tau lah ape. Rase je macam dah berubah. Haha. Perangai masih kanak kanak lagi. I would like to try to become a better person, someone useful, someone nicer (tak cukup baik ke nih?), ape lagi eh? To cut it short, change to be a better person ;)

7. Go on lots of holidays. Haha. Ada ke nih jadi resolution? Tapi betol ape. Next year is the last year you can actually play around. After that, you have to start working, and life becomes a bit boring. Insert = internship. Hee. I usually get tired after going home from work. Suddenly, I like spending my nights sleeping and facebook-ing since it does not involve me to move alot. Oh, P.S. I Love You. Eh silap, P.S. I Miss My Besties :(
Can't wait for our first holiday of the year. LANGKAWI!

6. Decide my future. This internship period has made me think a lot about my future. I have come to know what I want to be and I don't think I want to be doing what I have been doing during the 8 months. Kita tengoklah cemane nanti eh? Still unsure. Boley tak google je? "What does Nadia want to be when she grows up?"

Ooops. Tak membantu pulak T_T

5. Be more friendly to others. I may nampak macam ni, tapi I sebenarnya pemalu. Gahaha. Tapi betol laa. Hee. (Ni filler je, taktau nak tulis ape. But seriously!)

4. Patuh kepada ibu bapa dan agama. Oh, ni lagi satu. I may nampak macam ni, tapi masa kecik kecik, sangat rebellious! Woo. Sangat degil dan suke melawan cakap dan suke gadoh dengan adek adek. Tu yang ganas sket tuh. (Ganas ke? Haha). Tapi da besar da kurang la. Keep up with it! Oh yeah, kena patuh kepada agama. Sembahyang wajib cukup. Puasa wajib penuh. Okay okay. Time tak cuti jela kena penuh. Kalau da cuti nak wat cemana? Korang ni pon......

3. Save for the benefit of your future. I have managed to save a bit from the internship allowance plus scholarship. But I should save more. When I was younger, I loved to menabung! But ever since I got a car,  it has been quite hard. Minyak tuh satu. Pastu jadi kaki jalan lak. As most of you might NOT know, I love to drive. It's a hobby. I don't mind driving non-stop. I just like it. Lagi lagi if I'm alone and I can turn on my radio full blast! Karaoke ahh dalam kete sorang sorang. *This is a very embarrassing habit. Sile kurangkan next year*

2. Please! Less shopping! Ni lagi satu. When I was younger, mane suke shopping shopping. I remembered when I was in secondary school, I like to waste my time at a nearby shopping mall in bookstores and CD stores. Books and CDs were the only things that I bought. I was soooo a geek. Cute geek la tapi ;P But now, kaki shopping. Semua nak dibeli. Lagi-lagi time YES nih. "Mentang mentang tengah YES nih, semua la YES!" Bak kata Min. Haha. My mother is already complaining that I have too much clothes. Eh, banyak ke?? Tapi kan, da perempuan. Nak wat cemana kan? *wink wink*

Image for illustration only. Haha

1. Eat Healthily, Live Healthily a.k.a. EXERCISE! Hahahaha. This is the most non-logical resolution I ever made. I'm so not the exercising type. Tak caye sile tanya roommate. Haha. Kena lagi my roommate. I already bought a new pair of sneakers so that should bring up the spirit. Tengokla cemane. Jom jom jogging nanti? :D

Okayh, that's it. By the time I publish this post, it's already 12 am. So,

Happy New Year 2010!!!

P.S. Tak sangka! I managed to fill my Top 10!