Thursday, June 24, 2010

Update update

I seriously need a place to vent. But before I start to rant on things I shouldn't rant about here, let me talk about other things first so I can forget about this current situation. 

Nowadays, I just don't like to update my blog much. Malas kut. hee. I'm currently at UTP trying to finish my FYP, eh silap, START my FYP and yeah, it's currently stuck. I only went back for two weeks for my semester break. Yeah, you read it right. TWO WEEKS. And now I'm back to UTP yang tercinta. 

This time around, I went back to UTP by bus. 
It has been ages since I went back by bus. The last time I remembered was in 2008. Haha. That was such a long time ago -____-

Anyways, I arrived at about 5 pm on Monday. Oh, FYI, I took the wrong bus. I didn't pass by UTP, so I had to stop at Manjung. Thank god, my friends were already here and were kind enough to fetch me. Thanks Sue and Mya. :)

Not much progress has been done for my FYP since I arrived. In short, this is what I have done so far:

Tuesday: Brief discussion with RO and housekeeping of the equipment; like totally wiping all the dust off it.

Wednesday: Brief discussion with RO and Prof. and do inventory for the chemicals.

Thursday (today): Go the lab to meet with technicians but to no avail. Go to IRC in the afternoon to study a bit. 

Yeah, you read it right. I went to the freakin' IRC. Haha. Gile lah. Tak sangka boley g IRC time sem break ni  o__o

I should be starting my first official experiment tomorrow. And I don't have an effing clue on what or how to do it. Let's just pray that the lab won't explode or at least burn down. 

Tuesday, June 08, 2010

i'm worried sick over someone that i shouldn't worry about