Saturday, November 22, 2008


I feel like screaming my lungs out right now.

But before I continue my screaming, let me tell why. I just finished my final exams. Okay, that doesn't seem right. Shouldn't I be jumping for joy? I should, but I'm not. You see, this has been the worst finals ever! Most of the papers I sat for was really hard, and I didn't even have time to pick myself up after each of the downers since the papers were back to back. Imagine sitting for FOUR three-hour papers (except one of the which was just 2 hours) in FIVE days. There was certainly no rest period between any of the papers. Then, this is ironic. The gap between the second last and last paper is SEVEN-freaking days!! Haha! It has it's own freaking study week. But after sitting for that paper during the finals which was just a like an hour ago, it doesn't matter if you gave me a month to study for this paper, because the questions were unexpectable! Haih. I had high hopes for this paper and now it turns out to be another downer. I was planning to go and have some fun now, but all the mood has gone away. I'd rather just stay in my room and sleep 'til like there's no tomorrow. So, let me do that..

'til then. Toodles