Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Saya SANGAT innocent

Haaa. I'm sooo innocent. Don't believe me?

I just reformatted my laptop walaupon baru je format awal intern hari tu. Thanks Nawi *wink2. Lepas aku mintak ko format, sume nak mintak format kat ko. Ngahaha. Soriii ;)

Eh, lari topik pulak. You want to know why I had to format my lappy? Because I clicked on a !$%^&* SPAM.

Punye lah innocent fikir 'orang tersebut' btol2 nak mintak tolong.

*@#$%: I cant decide if i should make this photo my default. What do you think? Click on link.

So, I went on to click on that link.

Bongok tak? Rase nak dush dush dush je diri sendiri.

The minute I saved that !@$% virus in my laptop, it started to spread spam using my YM! and GTalk account.

You wanna know what BS nonsense it spammed?

naddy: I just got my lip pierced. Tell me what you think of the photo I took of it earlier. Click on link.

Sejak bile pulak aku pierce my lips? Nak kena kejar dengan mak aku dengan pisau ke? Gahaha

Mereka yang mendapat spam itu pulak sume buat2 tanya lak. Haha. Geram weh dengan diri sendiri. *Dush dush dush diri sendiri T_T

So,  after that stupid kejadian, I had to format my laptop. I was planning to upgrade my RAM, so alang alang pegi la upgrade sekali. I also bought the original anti-virus. Kaspersky. The 3-user ones. One for my laptop, one for the PC at home and one for... I don't know. Cepat cepat! 

Who wants to be my anti-virus buddy? 

I bought it for RM105 (I know I know. It's kinda expensive. It's more cheaper during PC Fair tapi nak wat cemane kan?). I'll sell the third ownership for RM30. Okay kan? Please please be lah my anti-virus buddy. Kite share share virus jum? Gahahaha. I'm really broke rite now. I spent RM300 on my laptop for the RAM, anti-virus and format service fee. I hope it isn't slow anymore. If tak, I baling and beli baru je nanti (macam ade duet plak).

Oh, about the spamming thing. I kinda got traumatized when people give links through gtalk now.

The other day, someone pm'ed me their blog link. And this is what happened.

*excerpt from chat 

!@#$%^&: blogspot link

naddy: ni spam ke?

!@#$%^&: tak. blog aku. =.='

naddy: (trauma tekan link.haha)
           smlm tekan jadi spam
           nanti aku visit ye ;)

Tengok! Terus trauma. Jelas jelas tulis blogspot kut. Pegi fikir tu spam watape? T_T
Ayat last tu ayat nak sedapkan hati. Tapi betol. I really visited your blog. Hehe

Saturday, December 19, 2009


I'm seriously dying of boredom here. I don't know what to do. I'm currently up-to-date with all the series and now they are all on hiatus. Then does that mean I should go on a hiatus too? Waa. I think this internship period has reached up to its maximum point. It's just too long. It's like you're working but then not long enough to actually be considered as one. Erk. I don't get what I just said. This is just the boring in me talking.

My final presentation is settled so there is basically nothing much for me to aside from finishing my final report and logbooks. Thank god my logbook is always on track. Tak sanggup nak kejar kejar. Oh my final presentation went pretty well! Thanks to both of my supervisors. I was quite satisfied with it since I didn't even practice much or even memorized anything. I learnt that lesson with PCS. Tak paya hafal hafal. Nanti diri kat depan je terus lupe lirik. Haha.

Aaaaa. Bored. Me posting this post pon bored, blum lagi yang membaca kan? Sure bored baca. Wawawa. Whatever. Rasa nak pegi tengok wayang. Avatar jom? Gile desperate skang nih. My friends are not around. My mom is working on a Saturday, which is also coincidentally her birthday (Happy 45th!) and my dad is out playing golf. My brothers pula are out with their friends, leaving me alone at home. Gaahhh.

Dahla. Nak pegi jogging la. Gahahaha

*Please take note the time published and now it's raining. Gile ke nak jogging? Oh, me = jogging? Sangat tak logik. HAHA

Friday, December 11, 2009

10 Reasons Why I Wouldn't Miss Wearing that Uniform

My internship period is almost over. I've got 28 days 'til freedom (kire pakai jari tuu). Due to this bored feeling of mine today, I've decided to share with you 10 reasons (if I could actually come up with 10) why I wouldn't miss wearing that awfully yellow uniform to work.

1. It makes you look 10kg more than you actually weigh. I weigh around 46kg (at most) but somehow, I look like I weigh 60kg when I wear that coverall. Haha. This makes me rethink my decision of gaining weight. I think I'll just stay this way. I kinda like it like this ;)

2. It's really hard when you have to use the toilet. Should I even explain this? Haha.

3. You tend to become famous. Don't get what I mean? Well, just imagine walking in a shopping mall wearing this. It works more if you're a girl. I guess society isn't use to seeing girls in coveralls huh? I hate those stares. It's not like I'm walking around naked and showing off my assets, you know.

4. It tends to become a conversation starter. Somehow, people will start to ask what you do sampai kena pakai coverall. Then, you have to explain bla bla bla. Dapat ke orang yang open-minded takpe. Dapat ke orang yang tak open-minded tu... He'll start questioning my decision to study engineering, just because I'm a girl. Eh, this is the modern world. Girls can do what guys can do too, okay. Oh,  and jangan sebuk sebuk la, sukati la aku nak study ape. Huh. Tetibe geram lak kan.

5. Because it's god-awfully yellow and you can see me even in a 100km radius. Okay okay. Not that far, but you can still me. It's so attention-seeking and I hate it since I'm trying to keep a low profile here. Haha

Okay. I'm stuck. I managed to get only five. Why, oh why my top 10 lists never actually contain 10? Hee. I'll try harder next time. ;)

There is a few reasons why I would miss wearing that uniform though.

1. You don't need to think what you have to wear for work everyday. I basically wear this EVERYDAY. Oh, I wash them okay. Jangan tuduh tuduh plak. I can actually count how many times I wear normal clothes to work... only FOUR (4) times; 3 times during the induction days and once before the hari raya holidays. Waa. Sangat skett.

Okay, ni pon dapat satu je. Haha. Malas nak fikir laa.

see! nampak cm nek 10kg kn? waa

Tuesday, December 08, 2009


sekarang tengah serabut. arrghh

takde kaitan dgn intern, mahupun presentation next week.

just serabut.

pening kepala and mimpi pon pelik pelik je nih.

can you please go away? pretty please, with sugar on top?


trouble is a friend no matter where you go oh oh~

no matter if you're fast, no matter if you're slow oh oh~

*you is serabut

Wednesday, December 02, 2009


Tak tau la knape. Patutnya, da nak habes intern, kena la start merajinkan diri kan? Try to gather as much knowledge as I can during the short period of time that is left. Ni tak. Bertambah malas lagi adelah. Tapi tak tau lah malas dari segi ape. Nak cakap logbook tak siap lagi, on track je. Sekarang tengah wat logbook bulan November (FYI, I have to send my logbooks on a monthly basis). I've done all the work my SV has asked me to do. In fact, I'll always try to get it done the same day. Tapi tipu la if I say I only do work kat ofis tu kan? Hee. Adelah jugak main main. *wink2* Tapi mostly main main kut. Haha.

To be honest, I was really excited during the starting of my internship. Getting a place at a refinery. Getting to wear the yellow-DIGI coverall. I always sunk my head into the P&IDs and operating manuals. Hafal baek punye la. But it only lasted at least 2 months. Now, I'm just plain bored. Too much hope given, but not granted. (Ayat macam baru putus cinta je. Haha) I go to work with this 'pasrah' face. Like I'm being forced to go. Tapi memang pon. Kalau tak pegi, fail la. Hee.

The second visit will be on the 16th this month, and I haven't even started on my slides. Eh, dah stat dah. First slide tu jela.

by Nadiah binti Jamil bla bla bla

So, starting from next week, I have to be serious. I have to go to work with a smile on my face (Padahal, tengah pilih satu hari nak ponteng next week. Haha. Oopsie :D). I have to start working on my slides. There's another trainee that just joined my department, so I can bully him. *Hihihi. Evil laugh wink2* (Gile overemphasize part tu). Okay, that's all. Update blog pon dah malas dah ni. This is like the first update in 2 weeks. Selalu, update cm hape je :D

Sunday, November 22, 2009

KK Trip

Last two weeks, I went to KK with my friends, that consisted of Ella, Odah, Syaji, Ain, Yasmin, Embun and Epit. It was planned like 5 months in advance. Orang sibuk sibuk baru nak start intern, ktorang da plan nak pegi bercuti. Teruk kan? T_T We took that opportunity sebab time tu, tiket kapal terbang sangat murah! It was a 5-day trip that consisted us going to every part of Borneo, except Kalimantan and Brunei. Here was how it went.

6th November 2009
Since the flight to Miri was at 7.25am the next morning, I headed to KL straight after work. Well, not straight after work. Kena balek rumah dulu, abeskan packing yang tak abes abes tu. I went to Odah and Mya's place. Dah berjaya pegi rumah dorang tanpa kesesatan! *Bangga* After waiting for Odah to finish packing, we went to have dinner at this place called Q Bistro where the waiters used PDAs to take our orders. Gile cool kan? We waited for Ain as we were going to sleepover at her place that night. After that, surprise surprise! Mya menghilangkan diri and bawak birthday cake to our table to celebrate your's truly punye birthday. Thanks Mya! Since I didn't get to blow the candles for my own birthday celebration the other day, I was eager to blow this one out. Haha.

7th November 2009
After the small celebration, the three of us, me, Odah and Ain, headed to Ain's house. We arrived there about 12am and we had to quickly get ready for bed since we had to wake up at 3 in the morning to go to KL Sentral so that we can go to LCCT by bus. Ayyo, sangat tak cukup tidur! T_T Nasib baek boley bangun, kalau tak, selamatlah trip tu. Lepak KL jelah jawabnye. Hehe. Ain's older sister sent us there and we met up with Ella, Syaji and Bai who were from Syaji's house. Dapat la kejar bus pukul 4.30 pagi tuh. Sampai sampai je KL Sentral tu, ktorang terus check-in beg and g lepak kt OldTown. Lepak punye lepak sampai xsedar da nak dekat pukul 7. Dengan tak sembahyang Subuhnya lagi. Adoi2. Ktorang berkejar2 pegi surau and bile kuar surau, terdengarlah nama nama anak dara yang bertuah kena panggil kat speaker. Haha. Malu weh. Nasib baik tak kena tinggal ;P

Our first flight was to Miri first because we had to pick up Embun and Yasmin dulu (macam naek kete lak kan. Haha). We arrived there about 10.00 am, so we just hung out at the airport and waited for them to come and also for our next flight to KK at 1.30pm. The Miri-KK flight just took 20 minutes. Ni pulak macam naek bas je! Epit was already there when we arrived, so he took us straight to our hotel. After a short rest, we were set to find a place to eat since all of us were starving! Jalan punye jalan, we ended up eating at the waterfront (tu kut panggilan die).

After the lunch-dinner combo, we went to Warisan Square. It's like a shopping mall, but with an open air concept. Sangat pelik. Sampai sesat kut jalan dalam tu. Lepas shopping sket (ni mmg btol sket je sbb Ella yang banje. Hee), we tried to go back to our hotel. Time tu, our travel guide (Epit) pegi manetah dengan Ain, so we had to find our own way back to the hotel. So, we got lost again. Haha. Tah mane ktorang pegi. Lame gak sesat, dahlah time tu dah lepas maghrib, tapi rase macam pukul 10 malam da sebab da sangat gelap, padahal baru pukul 6 lebih. Last2 lepas tanya tanya orang, dapat gak jumpa hotel tu. Balek2 bilik sume kepenatan gila. Semangat je nak tengok match Kelantan-Negeri Sembilan tu, tapi baru first half da tertidur. At about 1030pm, Ain came knocking at our door, to wake us up. Lupe lak nk pegi tengok wayang pkl 11 lebih punye tiket. Lawak kan? Pegi jaoh jaoh, pastu pegi tengok wayang gak. Macam kat sini takde wayang pulak. Adoi adoi. So, we were practically dragged to the cinema. We were like sleepwalking and following Ain and Epit's lead. But, it was worth it. The movie was fun. Gedik yang best ;P

8th November 2009
The next morning, we had to wake up early so we could go to the Sunday Market. It was a once in a week thing, so if we missed it, it would be our lost. It was fun shopping there. Banyak la jugak dibeli ;)

The next agenda was going snorkelling! So, we walked quite a distance from our hotel to Jesselton Point, and take a boat ride there to Pulau Manukan and Sapi. First, we headed to Pulau Manukan, where some of us were going parasailing. Waa. Excited! Parasailing is like being tied onto a kite and someone controlling you at the bottom. Sangat besh!

After that, Odah and me went snorkelling and there was these two nice lifeguards who were off duty that took us snorkelling to the deep water parts. The fish and coral reefs were beautiful :) Thanks for the help! If tak, tak berani nak pegi jauh jauh sebab tak reti berenang. Hehe. Then, all of us headed to the next island, Pulau Sapi to do more snorkelling. Balek balek tu memang sangat sunburn, walaupon da sapu sunblock SPF 50 da kut T_T Before heading back to our hotel, we had an early dinner. Malam tu pegi jalan jalan kat market yang bukak stiap hari tu and tengok live band performance kat bawah hotel ktorang je. Then later, me and Odah were quite excited to watch the Man Utd - Chelsea game, but we only lasted until half-time. Dah sangat penat and mengantuk time tuh. And yeah, Man Utd lost :(

9th November 2009
Embun and Yasmin left for Miri at about 7++ in the morning. So, there was only 6 of us now. Today, we were going mountain-climbing! Okay, technically, it is true. Tapi naek kereta jelah. Hehe. Epit rented this Toyota Avanza that came along with a cute driver. *wink wink* I dunno how many hours it took to get there because I was spacing out in the car. Hehe. First, we went to Kinabalu Park where we enjoyed the coolness of the place. After that, we headed to Poring. Ade canopy walk and hot springs there. Kat cni adelah gak kena panjat gunung skett. Sangat penat! Padahal panjat tak sampai 10 minit pon. Haha. Nampak sangat takde stamina. Yelaa. Cemane la nak ade stamina kalau asyik makan je time intern ni. Skang da rase gemok T_T Oh, Epit berjaya kenakan aku mase tengah 'panjat' gunung tu. Pandai eh die gunekan kefobiaan aku terhadap pacat tuk kenakan aku. Takpe takpe. Huu. On the way down the mountain, we had our lunch. The food was quite different. Masakan die pelik sket, tapi sebab lapar, ngap jelaa. That night, we went to find cheap DVDs and later ate dinner at SugarBun while listening to the live band performance again. Honestly, they were quite good. :)

10th November 2009
We spent the whole morning at the Filipino market shopping. Macam macam beli. Kat cni lah start pokai. Haha. Tah ape dibelinya pon taktau. Adoyai. After that, we went back to our hotel room to start packing and check-out of the hotel because we were heading to Labuan. Nak naek tongkang je ni! Hee. Kidding. We were going to Menumbok by bus, which was like a 2 hour journey and we will take a speedboat there to Labuan. Seriously, mase naek speedboat tu, rase macam pelarian naek tongkang! (See, I told you we were going to Labuan by tongkang. Well, macam jela. Hehe) Tengok tengok. Ni mase baru gerak.

Pastu bile da gerak, tetiba da ujan. Basah dorang! Haha. Ktorang duk opposite dorang sangat bernasib baek ;P

That night, after chocolate-shopping, we just hung out at Epit's house, where he and Ain prepared dinner for us. Nyum nyum. Sedap! Hehe. Kelaparan la katekan. After that, sume orang pon sebuk sebuk nak register course untuk next sem, nak pilih major sume tu. Nasib baek da setelkan awal awal. Thanks Sue, registerkan ;) By the way, Epit's place was really huge! Astro pon ade. Dahla tak payah bayar pape. Besh gle! Tapi sebab kat Labuan kan. Buhsan wehh. (I know this because I've on a holiday there for one week, and memang sangat buhsan)

11th November 2009
Today was our last day of the trip. Our flight back to KL was at 10.25am so Epit took us for breakfast before heading to the airport. I practically slept the whole way back in the plane. Penat sgt la katekan. Oh, lupe. Ella had to chase her 2.00pm train to Segamat from KL Sentral. We arrived at LCCT at 12.45pm. So we, chased for the 1.00pm bus to KL Sentral and arrived there at about 2.00pm ++. Turun turun bus, Ella and Syaji pegi kejar train, while we took care of Syaji's bag. Luckily, the train was delayed for about 45 minutes, so sempat la Ella nak naek.After, lunch at KL Sentral's KFC, the remaining 4 of us dragged our bags naek LRT (kut). Mule mule turun kat Masjid Jamek, then dari situ, naek pegi Bandar Tun Razak. Penat weh angkat beg tuh. Ain's car was parked at that station. So, we headed to her house, transferred some pics (sempat lagi tu) and then Ain sent me, Syaji and Odah to Odah's house to get my car. We hung out at Odah's house awhile, and after that, I sent Syaji to her house before I headed home. I arrived home at about 7.00 pm. Esok dahla keje pulak tu T_T

So, that was my trip. Sangat penat and sakit di poket, but it was worth it! Next destination...LANGKAWI! Hee

P.S. I lost my new perfume that my dad bought for me. My theory is, it was stolen while my bag was transferred from airport to airport because I noticed the security thing that was stuck to my zippers, was kinda ripped (meaning it was zipped open). I didn't lock my bag, thinking there was nothing precious inside that bag besides my underwear. Haha. Kidding. Kejam kejam kejam pencuri tu. So, just a short reminder, please lock your bag, walaupon there's nothing precious in it. Huu. Kena beli baru :(

Friday, November 20, 2009

Please start drooling now!

Here are my favourite characters/actors in my favourite movies/series. And obviously, ALL of them are guys. I'd be a lesbian if any of them were girls ;P

The Twilight Saga

Robert Pattinson a.k.a

Edward Cullen! Haha. I don't know why there is a need to post two pics of them, since they are the same person @_@ Isn't he a cutie? Dahla sangat sweet dengan Bella! He is the reason why I fell in love with vampires. Tak kesah pon if kena jadi one of them for him. Sanggup sacrifce tu. Haha. Omaigod. Dah terlalu obses. Nadiya Jamil, sila kembali ke jalan yang lurus dan benar! (I'll explain why I spelt my name like that later) He is also the reason why I've read The Twilight Saga books twice already! And I'm planning to read it again. Oh, and I soooo can't wait for the movie. Nak jumpe Edward kesayangan ;)


Matt Lanter a.k.a. Liam Court. He is sooo cute. The broody, mysterious, bad boy type that I absolutely adore! He is a bad boy but a softie at heart. I especially liked the episode in Season 1, at the end of Episode 23 where he and AnnaLynne McCord who plays Naomi Clark in the show, had a moment together where they danced under the falling snow to the song of 'Let the Love Back In' by The Orange Lights (Wah, sangat spesifik kan. Haha). Seriously, that is my favourite scene of all time! Now, 90210 is in its second season, and he's trying to win Naomi back. Hope he succeeds! ;)

Gossip Girl

Ed Westwick a.k.a Chuck Bass. In the first season, I totally adored Nathan Archibald (played by Chace Crawford) for his cuteness! Typical kan? But now, I like Chuck more. I like his bad boy character. Bad boy tapi sangat matured, especially in the second season. Sangat hot ;P He is really growing up! Lagi lagi the way he treats Blair. He may appear feelingless when it comes to true love and all, but he knows how to show it. Suke suke suke XD


Zachary Quinto a.k.a. Gabriel Gray or Sylar. Okay. Rasanye you can see the pattern. He is a bad guy kan? And I like him, tapi bile die baek jela. Gile ke ape kalau aku suke die sebab die suke potong2 kepala orang pakai jari die je kn? Tapi sangat susah la nak nampak die baek. He is only nice when he doesn't know who he is (amnesia/lost of identity) or during the third season (kut), when he had a son (in the future). He looks really sweet! ;) Oh, tapi skang Peter Petrelli bertambah hot sebab die selalu selamatkan orang. Tetibe suke paramedics. Hihi

Haha. That's it I guess. You can come to the conclusion that...I like bad boys. Haha. Betol ke tu? Ngaa. Tak tau tak tau. Dahh laa. Abaikan. Oh, sile lap mulut anda. You're drooling too much ;D

P.S. This entry shows that I have too much time in my hands. Siap wat research lagi tu. Haha

Tuesday, November 17, 2009



I'm supposed to be the MC tomorrow for a company event, and I'm nervous to death! I don't really like being in the spotlight (haha)! Mati mati mati. Nak bagi alasan ape nih. MC ke? Titibe rase macam nak demam! Ngeh3. The one reason I don't want to be the MC is because I'm the type that likes to embarrass-herself-in-very-large-crowds kind of person. I like to hog attention unintentionally (I think). Adding to that is the fact that I'm kinda a klutz. So that worsens the situation. Hope I don't do any death-defying stunts tomorrow.

Wish me luck!
Well, I really hope that helps.
'Til then, toodles!

Saturday, November 14, 2009


Aku sangat tak paham ape masalah sesetengah orang nih.
Ape masalah ko eh? Kata kerja customer service, tapi melayan customer mcm hape je.
Kenapa nak marah-marah haa? Apa? Aku rampas boyfriend ko ke?
Orang tanya bukan main baik lagi.
Tanya ngan muka paling suci dan iklhas kat dunia dah ni, die pegi marah kite lak. Wat muke lak tu.
Klu ye pon tgh PMS, g la tampal notis kat dahi tu. 'Saya tengah PMS' atau kalau tak pon, 'Saye baru clash ngan boyfriend saya'. Baru lah orang paham kenapa kena layan cmtu. Aisshhhh.
Rase nak langgar je kaunter tu ngan kete! (Kejadian di stesen minyak)
Ni bukan the first time. Dah beberapa kali da mcm ni. Semua case customer-service related. Kalau tak suke melayan manusia sejagat a.k.a. UNFRIENDLY, saye sarankan, sila tukar kerja! Jadilah orang-orang di belakang tabir jela yeh.


Okay. Dah habis luahkan.


Thursday, November 05, 2009

Happy 21st Birthday...

To me!

So my birthday was yesterday, 4th of November 2009. That makes me...12 years old? Okay okay. I'm just pretending to suck at Maths because I can't accept the fact that I'm already 21. SERIOUSLY? Perangai macam kanak2 je.ngehh

Anyways, thanks for the wishes everyone! Whether it was via calls, messages or Facebook. I really appreciate it :))

Oh, thanks to my intern-mates! They organised a surprise party for me and Apan (since it was Apan's birthday too), but I couldn't make it! Seriously, sangat tak bajet korang nak wat celebration tu! I think this could be the first time ever that the birthday girl/boy didn't come to her/his own birthday party. I received a call from them though. Kesian Apan kena tinggal sorang2. Blushing gile die! Haha. Here's the birthday cake;

And because I didn't come, they saved a few pieces for me. So this is what was left of it;

Haha. I didn't get to see the cake. But it's okay. They left me two funny videos for me to watch. Nanti2 upload. Hee. But, honestly. Aku sangat terharu dengan korang ;)

Oh, one of my best friends, sent this cute card. Pakai POSLAJU tu. Tapi sampai sehari awal. Hehe. It's so cute. Terharu gak ;)

Eh, lupe plak! This year I got a very different kind of wish. I mean, the way it was communicated to me. This is a once-in-a-lifetime kind of opportunity...

(Please ignore the spelling error)

A wish from the Novell thingy-whatever-it-is-called! Kitorg kat sini takde internet. So, nak PM tak maen la GTalk2 ni. Pakai Novell ni jelah. Haha. Ni JAKUN namanya. Wish kat sini pon nak amek gambar. Hee. Please forgive the birthday girl, okay? She was just so excited ;)

Okay, so that's all from me. I gotta go packing. I'm going on an extended holiday this weekend, so I'll be taking a three-day leave until next Wednesday! So don't find me at the office. Can't wait to go!

'Til then, Toodles! :))

Sunday, November 01, 2009

A Family Affair

Yesterday, I went out with my sister. We planned to watch Papadom. And the movie rocks! It was sooooooo damn funny! It was also quite sad. There were two scenes in particular that was really touching and I actually cried. The tears were flowing! If I were to rate this movie, I would give it a 10! I don't want to give spoilers for the movie, so don't forget to watch it, okay? I would love to watch it again, so don't for get to ajak me! Hehe.

Anyways, we arrived at Dataran Pahlawan at about 1.30pm and planned to watch the 2.40pm slot. But it was full! Darn it. So, we opted to watch the 5.20pm slot. That meant we had 4 hours to kill before the movie started. That was quite a wrong decision because I ended up shopping. Even with a limited budget, I managed to. Errh. I was supposed to save money for my trip next week! (Siyes tak sabar nak pegi!) Tapi takpe. It wasn't that much because I (konon2nye) was shopping for that trip. Bagi alasan tuk sedapkan hati. Haha. I bought an ear ring, a pair of sandals and my sister bought me a necklace for my upcoming birthday. Well, actually, I practically forced her to buy it for me. Hehe.

Due to the boredom we had to face waiting for that movie, we ended up cam-whoring in the dressing rooms.

After the movie, we waited for the rest of the family to come and we ended up eating at Oldtown. My sis took a picture of my dad using the sequence mode on my phone where it takes 18 photos in a row. This is one of them. The rest are my pictures of my dad making funny faces.

Oh, here's another interesting story. On Friday night, the whole family (minus my 19 year old brother) went to eat at...

I know. Ade branch kat Melaka dah skang! It's on the rooftop of Dataran Pahlawan. The food was okay but there was one downside. We ended being basah kuyup after a 'It's raining men!' moment. Haha. Tak tau ape kaitannya tapi memang hujan lebat gle la afterwards. So from being really really dry...

We ended up being up like this..

Well, the whole family did.

(My 17-year-old brother took the picture)

Don't blame the rain. Blame the location of the restaurant; an isolated island on the rooftop of DP. They should figure something out to solve this problem, or their customers will have to end up playing in the rain in order to go home, especially during this rainy season.

P.S. After the shopping spree (la sangat), I ended up with more things that I wanted to buy. I'll update my wishlist later ;)

Monday, October 26, 2009

Today at the Office

7.30 am - Arrived at my desk. Don't ask me why I came early. I just LOVE to.

7.30 - 8.00 am - Lalala-ing

8.00 - 8.30 am - Update my daily task; update spreadsheet

8.30 - 9.00 am - Sleeping (tapi dalam mimpi jelaa)

9.00 - 9.30 am - Konon nak stat buat projek yang baru dapat last week tu, tapi tak dapat ilham lagi

9.30 - 11.00 am - Message Nana sebab nak kaco die. Haha. Ngantuk gle. Terpaksa kaco orang. Hehe. Updating each other on stuff a.k.a gossip (la sgt. pasal diri sndiri je, and her recent holiday) While waiting for her messages, I do nothing. Just staring into space...

11.00 - 12.30 pm - Start doing a bit research on my project (finally!).

12.30 - 1.00 pm - Min datang melawat. Borak2 Berbincang pasal isu-isu penting

1.00 - 2.15 pm - Lunch at Ayamas with Kak Fiza, Non and Kaka. After that, stop by Cosway because the shops are just side-by-side (Ni dah jadi rutin dalam due minggu skali, everytime pegi Ayamas, sampaikn pekerja2 dkt Ayamas and Cosway dah kenal sape ktorg kut. Haha)

2.15 - 2.45 pm - Zuhur prayers

2.45 - 4.45 - Pergi charge phone yang abes bateri kat tempat Non. Alang2 tu, lepak2 sambil study pasal my project, borak2, and surf internet.

4.45 - 5.00 pm - Return to my office and prepare to go home

**Lalala-ing is another word for 'berangan' or 'mengelamun'

So, that was just another day at the office. It’s so random. I don’t do these things everyday.  Sometimes, my day isn’t as exciting as today, sometimes my day is more exciting than today. Sometimes, I gain a lot of knowledge, sometimes precious time is wasted. Now is the 22nd week, and there is about 10 weeks more to go. I’m not sure whether I want my internship to end, or I want to go back to that god-forsaken place filled with *tut*and *tut* (Words were censored to avoid any misunderstanding because there is only one of each). Let's just try and 'enjoy' the little time that we have here, okay?

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Ex-Best Friend

Dear You,

This is the second time in my life that I lost a best friend. I really treasured our friendship and really worshiped the ground that you walked on. Because I always thought of you to be 'one of a kind'. I have heard people say bad things about you but I'm not one to listen to what people say. I judged you based on our friendship, and I really really liked you. Your kindness, your thoughtfulness and your jokes.

I liked the fact that we shared a lot of common interests and I can just share anything that I want with you. You kinda understood me in ways other people didn't. We didn't know each other for a long time but it was like we were forever friends. I always thought of you as my best friend. I always wanted to make sure you always get what you wanted and that you were always happy and never sad.

But how could you do such a horrible thing? After all that we've been through. After all the secrets that we shared, the jokes we laughed together about, how could you? I never expected it from you. It could have been settled in a jiffy. It wasn't a complicated matter. You only made things worse. So how do you expect me to forgive you? I can't even accept you as a friend, let alone forgive you. I will never forgive you, even if the world ends tomorrow.

I know that I'm just supposed to forgive you, that it's not good to keep a grudge. That forgiving will help me forget and move on. But do you honestly believe that in forgiving you, I can accept what you did to me? You BACKSTABBED me. You USED me. You LIED to my face. You EMBARRASED me. Now matter how many times you explain to me, it's never gonna undo what you did. It's never gonna erase the bad thing that you did. The memory will fade away, but the pain will last forever.

Ex-Best Friend @ Ex-Friend

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

raya sudah habis!

Monday was the last day of Syawal and now we're already into a new month. This year's Raya has got to be my most hectic one ever. There was an open house to attend to every weekend. Macam abang ipar Mya cakap masa malam marhaban tu, " Tengok, raya kat Johor sampai sebulan. Kat Kelantan 3 hari pon da cukup." This wasn't his exact words, this is just what I remembered, so forgive me if I'm wrong ye Mya?

This year, like every year, we balik beraya at Kuching, my mom's kampung. It was fun, because I get to see my cute little cousins, like this one:

SO CUTE, right? And so heavy! But I love him to bits! He loves me too! ;) Since he can't pronounce my name, he just calls me 'Kaka', you know like that cute footballer...

Okay, so he doesn't look that cute in this picture since he's sweaty and all and this picture is not up-to-date because he's playing for Real Madrid now, but just leave it like this, alright? He's not even supposed to be in the discussion. Lari dari topik pulak. In short, this was how my raya weekends went:

The weekend after we got back from Kuching, Nana, Epit, Zik Junior and Abu came to my house for an ad-hoc open house. (ad-hoc open house? Haha). Since both Nana and Epit were from over-the-sea, this was the only time they could come. But thanks for coming! Terharu SANGAT!

The next Saturday, my roommate since foundation second semester (nak gak cakap tu.hee), Ella, wanted to come to Malacca and at the same time, she ajak me to beraya kat KL to which I agreed to. So, she slept at my house on Friday night and we went open-house hunting the next day , from Mya and Odah's house to Syaji's house to Jibah's and finally Alia's house. Oh, lupe lak. Ktorg pegi beraya kt Midvalley gak, open house kt Chilli's. Hihi. That night, we went jalan2 kat downtown pulak. It was one hell of a day! We had a sleepover at Syaji's and I went to Izzah's open house on Sunday. Ended the day by gossipping with Mya for a few hours before heading home. Kan Mya kan? ;P

Friday was a public holiday for Melaka ( TYT's birthday) and since it fell on a Saturday, Friday was declared a holiday for my company (this is the ONLY reason why I like interning here). Mokte, together with Mat Yie and Hazwan, arrived at my house in the wee hours of Friday morning; sempat sembahyang Subuh at my house and then I took them out for breakfast. After that, the girls gossiped 'till Mokte felt sleepy while the guys headed to Agan's. Dalam pukul 5, I pegi bawak dorg jalan-jalan. Menara Taming Sari, River Cruise, Kota A'Famosa, Jonker Walk and Eyes on Malaysia. Just typical tourist hotspots. I never went to Jonker Walk before, so I was the most excited to go. I didn't actually know where it was x_X but we managed to find it. Sanggup jalan kaki dari MP kut (orang Melaka sure tau betapa jauhnya Jonker Walk and MP). Macam I plak yg pelancong kan?

The next day, was my open house. Tunggu orang2 jauh datang. Geng2 KL and Segamat. Unfortunately, the car from Segamat got involved in an accident. My room mate included; so she couldn't make it. I was quite bummed out. It was still a blast, though. I also ended up being a tour guide for Geng KL (Syaji, Odah, Mya and Bai) sbb dorg nak jalan2 pusing Melaka. Dahla baru bawak Mokte jalan smlm kan, tapi naseb baek dorang nak naek Menara Taming Sari (lagi!) je. If not, I seriously need to think of taking another degree. Tourism, probably. HAHA. (Ade ke degree tu?)

The last weekend of Raya took me to....Senawang! Dah lama GLE tak pegi rumah Dayah! I used to singgah2 at her house when she tumpang me from UTP. But since she has her own car now, dah jarang. Wuu. This is the first time in 5 months since all of us got to berkumpul as we were interning far from each other. After Dayah's open house, Mya, Sue and me departed for Batu Pahat, since there is a marhaban at Mya's house. This is the FIRST time JKD actually sampai ke kampung halamannya. After almost 3 years. So sad. Hee.

So, that ends my most hectic Raya ever! See you next year! (Raya, I mean)

Thursday, October 15, 2009

my wishlist ;)

Just because I'm currently interning, I have this illusion that I'm so rich. And because of this illusion, I like to daydream about all the things that I want.

"Tolonglah kembali berpijak di bumi yang nyata. Awak tu pokai!"

Oops, that was me trying to talk sense into myself. But what 's wrong for a girl to dream, right? So, this is my wishlist:

        1.  Watch - preferably swatch. Hari tu, masa balek kampung, sume kedai jam pon singgah, kat airport2 skali pon singgah! Last2, my brother was the one who bought one (using his duet raya). Guess what brand... swatch! I still haven't found the right one for me. Hhmm..

2. A new handphone - I really loveee the Nokia 5800 ExpressMusic. IPhone what? I seriously don't buy all the IPhone craze. A handphone is still a handphone. It's not like you can take a shower using that phone, as previously claimed by an ad I watched. And yeah, the Nokia 5800 is still a handphone but I so love it!

      3. Broadband connection - Haha. This doesn't sound right. Who wishes for broadband right? Okay, so people who don't have internet access will probably want this. I already have 24-hour access at home, so why wish? Well, the reason I want broadband is to prepare myself to go back to my university (name of university will remain confidential since it will hurt the reputation of that said university. Haha. Mcm korg tak tau je kn). I have heard from current students there that the internet is still slow, probably even slower than before. This even without our much loved DC++! Dah la next year ade FYP and FYDP lagi. The internet will be very important for me. Well, aside from facebook-ing and updating my blog that is. *wink wink*

     4. Modify my car, somehow. I don't have that creativity when it comes to cars. A car is for me to drive from one place to another. That's all. But, I would like to see some change in him. (wuu~ him eh? ;P) Haa! An idea just popped out of my head. Can I modify my MyVi to become a Suzuki Swift? (FYI, Suzuki Swift is soooo my dream car!)


Okay, this doesn't look like a wishlist. There aren't even five items in the list. It looks like I don't really fantasize much. Biasa laa. Orang keje kn. Tade mase nk daydream. Hee. However, if I did buy all these, it would probably cost me about...jeng jeng jeng... RM110000. Fine, let's cut out the Swift fantasy and the total would be around RM2000. But still, where on earth am I going to get that amount of money? Well, that's a question I hope I can find the answer to. Cheers!

Monday, October 12, 2009

kes tade keje

Last night, I followed my mom to her friend's house and this is what I did when I was bored waiting.

I look like I'm in some kind of comic strip. Cool!~

This is one of the pictures during my open house the other day;

This pic looks so nostalgic. Hee

Here is a picture of me and Mokte, pretending to be models. I like this one ;)

This last picture is of me; bajet cute. Haha. Seriously. Tak bajet pon. Mokte wanted to take a picture of me, so I just posed. Lalalala~

I loveee the flowers in this picture. So cute ;)

So, this was what I did. Editing pictures. Try guessing what did I use to edit them?
I guess there are no other guesses you can make right?
Okay, okay. I used my two-month old camera. Cool, huh?

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Books I've Read Part 1

It's been 5 months already. Time moves so fast! And internship has gotten boring and boring everyday. One way I make it through my day is by reading novels. Hee. The books I've read so far are:

  1. Remember Me? by Sophie Kinsella
  2. Twilight by Stephanie Meyer
  3. New Moon by Stephanie Meyer
  4. Eclipse by Stephanie Meyer
  5. Breaking Dawn by Stephanie Meyer
  6. The Last Song by Nicholas Sparks
  7. Mercy by Jodi Picoult
  8. The Tenth Circle by Jodi Picoult
  9. A Walk to Remember by Nicholas Sparks

Okay, tak sampai sepuluh lagi, but that is quite a lot, considering the fact I only read the books at work. What does that say about what I've been doing? I'll let you answer that. Sekarang tgh fikir nak bace buku ape plak. Running out of books to read (most books from the list are my sister's). Hhmm. Let me think and I'll get back to you about this. Later!

P.S. I dunno why I have this sudden urge to update my blog.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009


>Don’t sleep. Don’t sleep. Don’t sleep! Can’t somebody just pinch me right now? I don’t know why I have been feeling really sleepy these couple of days. I think I have enough sleep. I mean, sometimes I sleep at 11pm. If you follow UTP time, that’s really early. Anyways, I guess the reason I always feel sleepy is because I have to study all these materials. The P&IDs and PFDs are okay since they are quite interesting but when I have to read about heat transfer (again! Like it wasn’t enough studying it for one semester) and other boring reading stuff, I get really sleepy. I need coffee, I need Nescafe! Haha..

I played futsal last night and it was fun. The game ended a draw, like 11-11 or something like that. Kinda lost count considering the number of goals we scored. We played for about 1 hour and boy, it was tiring! At first I played in attacking role, but when I got tired of running up and down the field (sometimes I supported the defense), I changed positions with the keeper. You think being the keeper is easy? Huh! Think again. It doesn’t involve a lot of running but the saves are sometimes quite painful. One time, the ball hit my face. I lost count of how many times they kicked the ball and hit my ankles. But it was worth it. It was fun to let it all out once in awhile.

Now, there was a funny story last night. Some of us went for supper after the game at a nearby restaurant. While we were waiting for our food, we talked a bit and suddenly;
Friend 1: Eh, tu bukan artis ke tu?
(pandang ke arah sane)
Saye yg mmg kurang tahu psl celebrity tanah air: Mane2? Sape lak tuu??
Friend 2: Alaa, sape tah.. Aidit and Bell.
Saye yg mmg kurang tahu psl celebrity tanah air: Haa? Sape? Tak knl ponn..
Friend 3: Alaa, Bell Ngasri. Ngn Aidit Marcello..(kut)
Saye yg mmg kurang tahu psl celebrity tanah air: Oh, Bell Ngasri ke tu? Cm laen jee..(cube tgk muke)
(tetibe sorg abg pandang ke arah ktorg)
Abang-bajet-PR-pgg-kamera-SLR: Haa, adek2..nak amek gmbr ke? Meh la cni..
Kami: (muke blur) Errr…knape ttbe abg tu suh kte g sane tu?
Abang-bajet-PR-pgg-kamera-SLR: Meh la…Japg nk balek da nie..
Kami: …..
After they left, we were laughing our heads off. I mean, if we really wanted to take a picture with those freakin’ ‘famous’ celebrities, we would have jumped in an instance. There was no need to offer us to take pictures with them. OFFER US. Shouldn’t it be the other way round, like say… WE ASKED for the pictures? Gosh! What has the world become?
There’s still like 29 weeks and two days for the internship period to be over. There’s still a long way to go. One of the main reasons that I couldn’t wait for intern was so that I could run away from HIM. Yes, HIM. That’s one wish fulfilled.

P.S. I was looking at my side mirrors the whole time I was typing this post. Ngahahaha..

Tuesday, June 16, 2009


I’m soooo sleepy. This is really weird because I have been sleeping early for the last couple of days. I guess this is what you call boredom. There’s no one to talk to since everyone is older, wiser and busier than me. The last part is important. Hee. I’ve been reading about heat transfer the last couple hours. No wonder I’m feeling really hungry. Studying uses a lot of energy. I have been given another task but I’ve finished that task. I still have a lot to cover for this heat transfer. The moment I start studying, my eyes will go all sepet (it is already like that to begin with. I have a bit of my grandma’s Chinese blood I guess) and I start to doze off. It’s hard to pretend that you’re studying when you’re actually sleeping. Heh.
I’m constantly counting down to the end of the day, the end of the week, the end of the month and finally the end of the internship. It is a new learning experience but I love the studying environment more. Can I be a student like… forever? I’ll need to find one rich husband to support me.
Oh, why is the time moving so slow today? I just can’t wait for lunch since I’m so hungry


It’s 3.49pm. When is this long day going to be over? Have dozed off a couple of times already. My hands are so itchy to play the O.C. episodes on my laptop here. But since my place is so strategic; my table is facing the entrance (my back is, so people can probably see what I’m doing on my laptop/PC) and someone’s table is facing the back of mine, so he can have a clear view of what I’m doing with my lappy. Oh, but I forgot! My PC has these quite little side mirrors (the PC’s previous owner put it there, I guess); two to be exact. One is facing the entrance, so that I can see if there is anyone walking in, and the other one is facing the part of the office that I can’t see, where my back is facing. Cool, kan? Ehe
I will be playing futsal tonite. I kinda like playing it. It’s a new hobby. Oh, I just wanna go home.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Someone's someone

I don’t know how many times I’ve dozed off today and it’s just 12pm. I still have half a day to go before I can go home. So, to avoid myself from falling asleep, I’m now pretending to do a very important assignment when in fact I’m writing a blog post. SShh. Don’t tell anyone, okay? My supervisor is off to a meeting so I don’t really have anything to do besides studying the PFDs of the plant. It’s very complicated and confusing, so I’m resting for awhile. Yesterday was the first time I went on site. To tell you the truth, I was so excited! But to go in, you have to wear these one-size-too-big PPEs, such as coverall and boots. I feel like an elf wearing a giant’s clothes. Okay, so that was a hyperbola but it is big. The coverall is okay, I guess. It’s just my fault that I’m skinny as a stick. The boots, however, are just too big. If there was an emergency and it involved running, those boots won’t be following me back to safety (it means I’ll take off the boots and run. That was an indirect sentence. Hehe). I’m going to ask for a different size once the other trainees have finished their interns since there wasn’t any left in my size the other day.

Oh, I kind of ran out of the topic right? Anyway, after settling a few things, it was time to go in. We went to the units where my department or group was in charge of. My supervisor showed and explained to me about how they were connected and so on. It would be confusing if you didn’t do a little bit of reading and studying, so thank god I did. I also saw a clearer picture when seeing them in real life. Those things were like 20 times the size in pictures. Or maybe 100 times the size. It was amazing. It was also scary. Since, we are dealing with crude oil which are flammable, anything could happen. You could get exposed to dangerous gases, things might be falling from the sky in the plant and so on. And then, there is the fact that I was the only few girls at the site compared to the hundreds of guys there. No need to explain that. But it was fun. An experience I’ll never forget. One thing I’ll never forget was seeing the inside of a furnace. A furnace is basically used to heat the feed before entering the distillation column. The only thing I saw inside the furnace was red hot fire. Cool right?

P.s. If you’re wondering about the title, it’s nothing really. I’m just known here as someone’s someone. If you get what I mean.

Monday, June 08, 2009

Yes, I’m a Trainee!

It has been a week since I started my intern, and boy, it’s tiring. Even if what I did was just sitting in the office all day and do nothing (I’m supposed to read some materials but it is just so boring that I fell asleep a couple of times. It feels like study week all over again. Aiyayay~). Well I did follow my colleagues to a meeting (which I didn’t understand one bit) near the plant site. But that was it.

Since this is officially my 2nd week in the office, I’m compelled to write this post mostly because I’m getting used to this working environment. It is quite a laidback environment. You can go in and out of the office as you want (I always thought that you can only go out during lunch break) as long as you come at 8 and leave at 5 since there’s this card you have to swipe every time you enter the compound.

To tell you the truth, my supervisor is not around to boss me, give me tons of workloads and force me to work extra hours in the plant. I’m soooo looking forward to that! (This shows how bored I am) Luckily, his colleagues that are under the same department as me has given me a few reading materials for me to study. And it’s all about distillation. Distillation this, distillation that. I’ll probably die after hearing that words for 8 months. Haha. Please laugh with me. I’m trying to make a bad joke.

It’s just 10.45am. There’s still two hours and 15 minutes before lunch break. Oh, I have a new hobby. COUNTDOWNS. I have developed a passion of counting down, whether to lunch time or to the time to go home since it’s still early days in the office and there’s nothing to do. So let me just continue counting down, okay?

Thursday, May 28, 2009

10 Movies/Shows that Remind Me

1. Football
2. Gol & Gincu
3. Heroes
4. Sindarela
5. Chuck
6. Yes Man
7. Kami
8. Sepi
9. Eagle Eyes
10. Bolt

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Finally Home!

After a very extended stay at UTP after my last paper, I finally headed home yesterday. And I'm gonna stay here for the next 8 months. weeee~ Don't be jealous! The packing part was easy. It seemed that there was not much to pack, but when it came to putting the stuff into the car, it was a nightmare! Thank god I changed cars, if not, some of the stuff would probably have to be tied on to the roof. ngahh!

As most of you would know, I stayed an extra three days in UTP. Crazy, right? But it was worth it. Here's what I did during that time.

Date: 22nd May 2009,
Location: Lumut & Manjung

Right after my last paper, Transport Phenomena (scary name for a subject, right?), me & my blockmates (ignore the grammar mistake) went to eat at Lumut. Those that followed were; Ella, Odah, Syaji, Paah, Nana, Leeya, Fahim, Mokte, Ain, Min, Embun & Sayang. Makan besar kat Teluk Muruh! Woaah~ besh.

Then, we went go-carting at Manjung. To be honest, that was my first time! I did ride one at Genting earlier this year, but that can be counted out as the go-kart was sooo slow! After 7 laps, I realized I'm in the wrong career path. I should have opted to become a F1 driver. Now, that's a missed oppurtunity. Heh.

Time: 12.00am-2.00am
Location: Bilik Mya

After arriving at UTP and settling down for awhile, I went to Mya's room, along with Paah. Tup2, Along pon nk dtg so that was great! Boley lepak2 before kna split for 8 months. Ish3. We watched the funniest birthday prank video (ehem2 Paah) and pictures and also gossiped a bit. Hehe.

Date: 23rd May 2009
Time: From the time I woke up until 7.00pm
Location: My room

I started packing and then reminiscing. Ayok~ I found lots of stuff that made me remember and by around 3.00pm, there was a bad view from my window. No need elaboration on that. To summarize in one word of that day: BORING.

Time: 9.00pm-2.00pm
Location: OldTown & Shogun Batu Gajah

The location sums it all up! Hee. Me along with Mokte, Nana & Paah went to eat at OldTown and also gossiped a bit. Girls, thats what they always do. Besides shopping that is. Lalala~ After that, we went to sing our lungs out. It was fun!!

Time: 3.00am-6.30am
Location: Ameeth

Spending the last night with my other gang. The scandalous ones right? You know who you are! Haha. We just talked and talked and talked and talked. Oh, and made fun of each other. I'm so gonna miss that. Huu.

Date: 24th May 2009
Time: 3.30pm-9.00pm
Location: Kuala Sepetang, Taiping

Due tot the fact that I didn't sleep the whole night yesterday, and ended up sleeping at 8 in the morning today, my day started a bit late. Hee. I woke up at 12pm and 'lalala'ed away 'til 3.30pm because thats when we left for Taiping (we: me, mya, pudin & kak unknown. lupe name da. hehe). We went there just to eat the famous Mee Udang Mak Teh (?) and it was quite worth it. There was lots of udang inside the mee. The other reason we went there because my senior wanted to fulfill his wish of going there before graduating. Wish fulfilled right? Hehe.

(Later, pegi maple due kali satu mlm~ ayok)

Date: 25th May 2009
Time: 4.00pm-9.00pm
Location: McD Manjung & Lumut

This trip was purely for the reason of wanting to watch the sunset. Mmg tade keje kn? Hehe.

So, that was how I spent my last days in UTP.

P.S. I got a speeding ticket on the way back yesterday. Haha. That was unavoidable. I have been really lucky (and I mean REALLY lucky) before as I always got away with it. But yesterday was not a lucky day. To be honest, I'm afraid of the police and getting stopped for speeding, but yesterday I was feelingless. In fact, here's a snippet of my conversation with a policeman:

Pakcik Polis yg hensem: Wah, 131km/j nie. Lajunye bawak?
Saye yg bajet cumel: Hee.. (Tgh cari alasan) Sbb byk brg kut?
Pakcik Polis yg hensem: Eh, klu byk brg, lagi slow la bwk..
Saye yg bajet cumel: ....

Haha. I'm really bad at lying. But whatever. I'll pay the ticket later. I keep forgetting that I got a ticket like it's no big deal! Someone should remind me. Seriously, driving the Vios at 131km/hr is like driving a MyVi at 110km/hr. There's no difference! So, don't blame me. ;P

(I'll upload the pics later)

Sunday, May 24, 2009

10 Songs that Remind Me

1. Munajat Cinta - The Rock
2. Hey There Delilah - Plain White Tee's
3. Fall for You - Secondhand Serenade
4. Barney's Theme Song
5. The Click Five - Empty
6. Paling Comel - Achik & Nana
7. Sinaran - Shiela Majid

Oh, it looks like I'm stuck at 8 for now. It shows that I'm forgetting. That's a good sign. I'll probably get inspiration later.

Post-Exam, Pre-Internship

Wow, it has been quite some time since my last post. Its always like this. I will have the passion to write in my blog after the exams, then when I come back to UTP to start the new semester, it all starts to go away. Blame UTP's internet connection, okay? It's slower than a snail, I tell you!

The exams this year was quite okay for me, I guess. My study week was two longggg weeks. It even came to a point where I got tired of studying. I had to do a lot of catching up during the study week because I was really lazy and was busy with lots of lab reports/etp stuff/assignments to go to class and really listen (most of the time, I came for the attendance only. hee) Hopefully, my effort during the study week paid off and the results will be satisfying for me.

I'm still stuck here in UTP because there are a few things that have to be settled before I go. Will be missing lots of seniors because they will be graduating and some will be going for their last semester in UTP next semester. Of course, during that time I will be doing my internship in Malacca. Can't wait. Staying at home full-time! Yeahh!

I'm almost done packing. Naseb baek tuka kete. My stuff won't fit into my cute little MYVi. Ngeh3. Still got 3 bags of clothes to fill. Imagine that! Haha.

Oh, got to go. I haven't showered yet and its already 3pm. Ooops~ I had a late last night and I slept and 8am this morning. That's another story to tell. Hee

'Till then~
Good Luck for your internship guys. See you in 8 months!