Wednesday, June 17, 2009


>Don’t sleep. Don’t sleep. Don’t sleep! Can’t somebody just pinch me right now? I don’t know why I have been feeling really sleepy these couple of days. I think I have enough sleep. I mean, sometimes I sleep at 11pm. If you follow UTP time, that’s really early. Anyways, I guess the reason I always feel sleepy is because I have to study all these materials. The P&IDs and PFDs are okay since they are quite interesting but when I have to read about heat transfer (again! Like it wasn’t enough studying it for one semester) and other boring reading stuff, I get really sleepy. I need coffee, I need Nescafe! Haha..

I played futsal last night and it was fun. The game ended a draw, like 11-11 or something like that. Kinda lost count considering the number of goals we scored. We played for about 1 hour and boy, it was tiring! At first I played in attacking role, but when I got tired of running up and down the field (sometimes I supported the defense), I changed positions with the keeper. You think being the keeper is easy? Huh! Think again. It doesn’t involve a lot of running but the saves are sometimes quite painful. One time, the ball hit my face. I lost count of how many times they kicked the ball and hit my ankles. But it was worth it. It was fun to let it all out once in awhile.

Now, there was a funny story last night. Some of us went for supper after the game at a nearby restaurant. While we were waiting for our food, we talked a bit and suddenly;
Friend 1: Eh, tu bukan artis ke tu?
(pandang ke arah sane)
Saye yg mmg kurang tahu psl celebrity tanah air: Mane2? Sape lak tuu??
Friend 2: Alaa, sape tah.. Aidit and Bell.
Saye yg mmg kurang tahu psl celebrity tanah air: Haa? Sape? Tak knl ponn..
Friend 3: Alaa, Bell Ngasri. Ngn Aidit Marcello..(kut)
Saye yg mmg kurang tahu psl celebrity tanah air: Oh, Bell Ngasri ke tu? Cm laen jee..(cube tgk muke)
(tetibe sorg abg pandang ke arah ktorg)
Abang-bajet-PR-pgg-kamera-SLR: Haa, adek2..nak amek gmbr ke? Meh la cni..
Kami: (muke blur) Errr…knape ttbe abg tu suh kte g sane tu?
Abang-bajet-PR-pgg-kamera-SLR: Meh la…Japg nk balek da nie..
Kami: …..
After they left, we were laughing our heads off. I mean, if we really wanted to take a picture with those freakin’ ‘famous’ celebrities, we would have jumped in an instance. There was no need to offer us to take pictures with them. OFFER US. Shouldn’t it be the other way round, like say… WE ASKED for the pictures? Gosh! What has the world become?
There’s still like 29 weeks and two days for the internship period to be over. There’s still a long way to go. One of the main reasons that I couldn’t wait for intern was so that I could run away from HIM. Yes, HIM. That’s one wish fulfilled.

P.S. I was looking at my side mirrors the whole time I was typing this post. Ngahahaha..

Tuesday, June 16, 2009


I’m soooo sleepy. This is really weird because I have been sleeping early for the last couple of days. I guess this is what you call boredom. There’s no one to talk to since everyone is older, wiser and busier than me. The last part is important. Hee. I’ve been reading about heat transfer the last couple hours. No wonder I’m feeling really hungry. Studying uses a lot of energy. I have been given another task but I’ve finished that task. I still have a lot to cover for this heat transfer. The moment I start studying, my eyes will go all sepet (it is already like that to begin with. I have a bit of my grandma’s Chinese blood I guess) and I start to doze off. It’s hard to pretend that you’re studying when you’re actually sleeping. Heh.
I’m constantly counting down to the end of the day, the end of the week, the end of the month and finally the end of the internship. It is a new learning experience but I love the studying environment more. Can I be a student like… forever? I’ll need to find one rich husband to support me.
Oh, why is the time moving so slow today? I just can’t wait for lunch since I’m so hungry


It’s 3.49pm. When is this long day going to be over? Have dozed off a couple of times already. My hands are so itchy to play the O.C. episodes on my laptop here. But since my place is so strategic; my table is facing the entrance (my back is, so people can probably see what I’m doing on my laptop/PC) and someone’s table is facing the back of mine, so he can have a clear view of what I’m doing with my lappy. Oh, but I forgot! My PC has these quite little side mirrors (the PC’s previous owner put it there, I guess); two to be exact. One is facing the entrance, so that I can see if there is anyone walking in, and the other one is facing the part of the office that I can’t see, where my back is facing. Cool, kan? Ehe
I will be playing futsal tonite. I kinda like playing it. It’s a new hobby. Oh, I just wanna go home.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Someone's someone

I don’t know how many times I’ve dozed off today and it’s just 12pm. I still have half a day to go before I can go home. So, to avoid myself from falling asleep, I’m now pretending to do a very important assignment when in fact I’m writing a blog post. SShh. Don’t tell anyone, okay? My supervisor is off to a meeting so I don’t really have anything to do besides studying the PFDs of the plant. It’s very complicated and confusing, so I’m resting for awhile. Yesterday was the first time I went on site. To tell you the truth, I was so excited! But to go in, you have to wear these one-size-too-big PPEs, such as coverall and boots. I feel like an elf wearing a giant’s clothes. Okay, so that was a hyperbola but it is big. The coverall is okay, I guess. It’s just my fault that I’m skinny as a stick. The boots, however, are just too big. If there was an emergency and it involved running, those boots won’t be following me back to safety (it means I’ll take off the boots and run. That was an indirect sentence. Hehe). I’m going to ask for a different size once the other trainees have finished their interns since there wasn’t any left in my size the other day.

Oh, I kind of ran out of the topic right? Anyway, after settling a few things, it was time to go in. We went to the units where my department or group was in charge of. My supervisor showed and explained to me about how they were connected and so on. It would be confusing if you didn’t do a little bit of reading and studying, so thank god I did. I also saw a clearer picture when seeing them in real life. Those things were like 20 times the size in pictures. Or maybe 100 times the size. It was amazing. It was also scary. Since, we are dealing with crude oil which are flammable, anything could happen. You could get exposed to dangerous gases, things might be falling from the sky in the plant and so on. And then, there is the fact that I was the only few girls at the site compared to the hundreds of guys there. No need to explain that. But it was fun. An experience I’ll never forget. One thing I’ll never forget was seeing the inside of a furnace. A furnace is basically used to heat the feed before entering the distillation column. The only thing I saw inside the furnace was red hot fire. Cool right?

P.s. If you’re wondering about the title, it’s nothing really. I’m just known here as someone’s someone. If you get what I mean.

Monday, June 08, 2009

Yes, I’m a Trainee!

It has been a week since I started my intern, and boy, it’s tiring. Even if what I did was just sitting in the office all day and do nothing (I’m supposed to read some materials but it is just so boring that I fell asleep a couple of times. It feels like study week all over again. Aiyayay~). Well I did follow my colleagues to a meeting (which I didn’t understand one bit) near the plant site. But that was it.

Since this is officially my 2nd week in the office, I’m compelled to write this post mostly because I’m getting used to this working environment. It is quite a laidback environment. You can go in and out of the office as you want (I always thought that you can only go out during lunch break) as long as you come at 8 and leave at 5 since there’s this card you have to swipe every time you enter the compound.

To tell you the truth, my supervisor is not around to boss me, give me tons of workloads and force me to work extra hours in the plant. I’m soooo looking forward to that! (This shows how bored I am) Luckily, his colleagues that are under the same department as me has given me a few reading materials for me to study. And it’s all about distillation. Distillation this, distillation that. I’ll probably die after hearing that words for 8 months. Haha. Please laugh with me. I’m trying to make a bad joke.

It’s just 10.45am. There’s still two hours and 15 minutes before lunch break. Oh, I have a new hobby. COUNTDOWNS. I have developed a passion of counting down, whether to lunch time or to the time to go home since it’s still early days in the office and there’s nothing to do. So let me just continue counting down, okay?