Sunday, May 24, 2009

Post-Exam, Pre-Internship

Wow, it has been quite some time since my last post. Its always like this. I will have the passion to write in my blog after the exams, then when I come back to UTP to start the new semester, it all starts to go away. Blame UTP's internet connection, okay? It's slower than a snail, I tell you!

The exams this year was quite okay for me, I guess. My study week was two longggg weeks. It even came to a point where I got tired of studying. I had to do a lot of catching up during the study week because I was really lazy and was busy with lots of lab reports/etp stuff/assignments to go to class and really listen (most of the time, I came for the attendance only. hee) Hopefully, my effort during the study week paid off and the results will be satisfying for me.

I'm still stuck here in UTP because there are a few things that have to be settled before I go. Will be missing lots of seniors because they will be graduating and some will be going for their last semester in UTP next semester. Of course, during that time I will be doing my internship in Malacca. Can't wait. Staying at home full-time! Yeahh!

I'm almost done packing. Naseb baek tuka kete. My stuff won't fit into my cute little MYVi. Ngeh3. Still got 3 bags of clothes to fill. Imagine that! Haha.

Oh, got to go. I haven't showered yet and its already 3pm. Ooops~ I had a late last night and I slept and 8am this morning. That's another story to tell. Hee

'Till then~
Good Luck for your internship guys. See you in 8 months!

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