Saturday, January 16, 2010



I hate it when this happens. I can't freakin' sleep! And it's all my @#$%^& fault!

Dah tau betapa kuatnye kesan caffeine ke atas diri sendiri, pegi minum sebelum nak tidor wat ape haa?

Okay, technically, I wasn't drinking it before going to sleep. I drank it during dinner. Had dinner at OldTown with my family last night. And I drank my favourite drink, ice blended mocha. *drooling now* And it wasn't even pure coffee for crying out loud!!!!

Oh, the effect of caffeine is so strong on me -_- I've been doing the GLEE series marathon all morning. And now it's 4.30 am and I still can't sleep! I'm also feeling hungry now. Gahhhhh.

Lapar lapar lapar lapar lapar lapar lapar.


Okay, serious da takde keje nih.

Can someone please sing me a lullaby until I go to sleep? Pretty please? With Kisses on TOP? Okay, I meant the chocolate. Not smooching.

Next time, I'm soooo not drinking caffeine before I sleep. I need to get a restraining order from them. Gahhhhh. T_T Someone should hit me in the head so hard 'til my eyes pop out if I want to drink another caffeine-infested drink before sleeping. -_-


hana said...

sian..tula,sape suh minum..haha
kan dah xleh tido..

arifpemuzik said...

insomnia sumtimes not a bad thing