Thursday, June 24, 2010

Update update

I seriously need a place to vent. But before I start to rant on things I shouldn't rant about here, let me talk about other things first so I can forget about this current situation. 

Nowadays, I just don't like to update my blog much. Malas kut. hee. I'm currently at UTP trying to finish my FYP, eh silap, START my FYP and yeah, it's currently stuck. I only went back for two weeks for my semester break. Yeah, you read it right. TWO WEEKS. And now I'm back to UTP yang tercinta. 

This time around, I went back to UTP by bus. 
It has been ages since I went back by bus. The last time I remembered was in 2008. Haha. That was such a long time ago -____-

Anyways, I arrived at about 5 pm on Monday. Oh, FYI, I took the wrong bus. I didn't pass by UTP, so I had to stop at Manjung. Thank god, my friends were already here and were kind enough to fetch me. Thanks Sue and Mya. :)

Not much progress has been done for my FYP since I arrived. In short, this is what I have done so far:

Tuesday: Brief discussion with RO and housekeeping of the equipment; like totally wiping all the dust off it.

Wednesday: Brief discussion with RO and Prof. and do inventory for the chemicals.

Thursday (today): Go the lab to meet with technicians but to no avail. Go to IRC in the afternoon to study a bit. 

Yeah, you read it right. I went to the freakin' IRC. Haha. Gile lah. Tak sangka boley g IRC time sem break ni  o__o

I should be starting my first official experiment tomorrow. And I don't have an effing clue on what or how to do it. Let's just pray that the lab won't explode or at least burn down. 

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Am said...

nadddyyyyyyyyy. i pon ade belog. meh2

ta sempat nk bace full entry ni. kih3