Saturday, February 17, 2007

The Return

I hate it. It's coming back again. Maybe because of all the pressure and the fact that I'm sleep-deprived for most of the week.

I keep seeing things that are in some way related to him especially his friends. That, I don't mind. It's the fact that they keep looking at me like I'm some guilty criminal. Emmm. Hello!!! Who was the lying, back-stabbing party here? Who started this whole thing in the first place? 70% of me regret even knowing him. And the funny thing is that I didn't even do anything. I didn't even in any way provoked him to know me. I'm sooo totally innocent.

"When are you gonna get over this?" A question my friend asked me the other day. That's one question that I don't know the answer to. In one way, I'm so over it. But I just can't accept the fact how stupid I was. One part of me wants to act like nothing happened; to just act normally with him. Like normal friends. HAHA. Very funny. How can you, right?

'I saw straight into him. I didn't recognise him anymore. Was he really the person I once knew?' I'm not sure whether what I saw was true. A collision occured but not even a sense of acknowledgement was given to the other party.

Lots of things remind me. Books that fall. Guys eating in huge groups. A rainy day. Even the way I walk. How I suck at Geography. The library. That whats-its-name football club. Food that fly. They remind me on occassions when I'm down, tired, not in the mood, feeling used again; you get the picture.

Maybe. Just maybe he didn't mean it. He said that he did't want to hurt me. Well, guess what? Mission not accomplished.


Anonymous said...

Im so sorry ='(

Anonymous said...

I dunno whether dis friendship can be saved or not..

I really want to be ur friend

even i know,the chances are getting slim..

take care