Wednesday, December 05, 2007

I'm Back

I'm a perfectionist. It's so obvious. Every single thing I do or see will always have me say something in the back of my head. It's getting tiring listening to my own thoughts constantly.
Isk2. I should stop think
ing. Erkk. How can I stop thinking when the
human brain is on 24 hours a day? Well, that's something I'll discover in another lifetime.

Well, anyways, the problem i kept blabbing in this blog is more than over. It's history.
I've forgiven him and now we're friends :) Awww, how cute is that? Hihi~ I told you, the road of forgiveness would have been a long one. Though because I haven't updated this blog as frequently as I have might wanted, it seemed I took a long time to forgive him since I just told you now. I don't quite remember when I forgave him but it was during the end of the January 2007 semester at my university. Haha. It has been quite a long time.

I think one of the reasons I hardly update my blogs is because these blogs also had quite a huge part in the 'then' problem. So I guess I wanted a little break from it all. Now, it seems I'm
hungry as ever to start writing again. Mind you, this my semester break so I have plenty of time to waste. To be honest, the July 2007 semester was the most hectic semester yet. Coupled with the number of events I joined and the number of problems I faced, there was a load of work to be done especially during the final 2 weeks of the semester. I thought I would die trying to finish all of them but I managed to do it.

The weekend after all the work was finished was my birthday. Eventhough study week already unofficially started that weekend, I vowed to myself I wouldn't open a single book that weekend. And I didn't. I totally enjoyed it. I even joined a bowling tournament and finished fourth. It was a trio so I had help from my teammates. Actually, they were the ones who asked me to be in the team. Watched football later that night and my birthday celebration was at midnight. After eating the cake and getting pranked, we went for ice-cream at 7-Eleven and headed to a 24-hour McDonalds outlet to eat. We were back at the uni at 7 in the morning. How's that for a birthday celebration?

I have to say my roommate is good at making birthday celebrations. My first birthday at UTP was the best but this one got to me emotionally. The prank I mean. How on Earth would you feel if someone stole your precious car. Haa. Try being in that situation. I cried but not in front of them. I also went missing for awhile as I was searching for my car. Haha. That scared the hell out of them. So it was kinda my prank to them. Though, I was touched by how scared they were while I went missing. They even started a small search party. Cool, huh?

Well, I guess that's all. This post is kinda mixed up. Just putting everything in one post because there's just too much too say. That's all for now.


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