Thursday, December 06, 2007


I've lost quite a lot of weight recently. And this in not because of me dieting. I don't do diets. I have never thought of it and don't expect me doing it in the near future.
The real reason why I have lost weight is because I got sick twice before coming home. I guess that's why they call it
'homesick' ness.

The first time I got sick was because I went down with a fever,
coughs and a flu.
I think I fell ill
because I studied too hard. Haha. Do you believe that? I kinda
believe it. Hehe. I have this habit
of studying at the library or the IRC as they call it there. So,
I always spend time at the 'winter in UTP' library. You can always find me there whether it was morning, afternoon or night time. To top it all off, my laptop drowned so I had no
reason to stay in my room (drowned: water spilled on my laptop). In fact, I was so bored of staying in my room, I coudn't wait to go to the IRC every time. I think that's just me losing my insanity.

The fever started during my second
last paper, Intro to Eng Thermo. There was definitely heat transfer
during the paper, alright. If you get what I mean. By the last paper, which was Fluid Mechanics, I was having dizzy spells. I felt like sleeping the whole time I was answering the paper. What a feeling to have when you're sitting for your finals!

After recovering from that, I fell sick again! This time it was due to food poisoning. I think I know which restaurant made me fall ill. Being sick due to food poisoning is not the best feeling. I sure don't want to go through it again. At first, I felt dizzy. Then, my stomach ached. After that,
I vomitted every single thing I ate for dinner. Then, I just couldn't get up. So my friend took me to the UTP clinic. I ate some bread and took a pill that would stop me from vomitting but guess what? I vomitted the pill together with the bread. Haha. How ironic is that? Vomitting a medicine that would have stopped from vomitting.

That night, I couldn't sleep at all. I kept vomitting. If I drank water, I would vomit it. So after 4
or 5 trips to the toilet, I kinda realized I should stop drinking water. The following afternoon, I went to the clinic again. This time it was an outside clinic. You know what the doctor told me? Don't eat anything. If I were to ever get hungry, then I can only eat bread or grains. So, I followed his advice and I ate only so I can swallow the pills. No matter how much I hated medicines, I ate it just because I could go home the following the day without having the need to puke all the way back to Melaka.

The following day was the day I went home. But before that, I had to settle my packing and put the boxes at the proper place. Since there was hardly anyone around, I had to do all the carrying
myself, even in that sick state. Where is a gentleman when you need one? =p After a few trips, I felt like fainting. Imagine. You can't eat anything and there you are carrying all the boxes and bags. Now, all your energy is gone and you can't recover it because you can't eat. Haha. I did eat 'breakfast' so I can eat my pills but it was just a piece of bread and now it's gone because I had to use it to do all the carrying. Thank god I didn't have to drive. Thanks for driving =)


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