Wednesday, December 12, 2007

It's Still The Holidays~

Now, it's halfway through my holidays and I haven't been doing nothing much. Just sitting at home, wasting my youthful days. Haha. My brain is probably so fried right now since I haven't been using it too often these days. No formulas to be memorized and no calculations to be done, except when it comes to money. Hihi.

My friends have organised a reunion for this Saturday. A barbeque at the beach. Seems interesting, huh? I can't wait for that. It has been ages since I hung out with my lower secondary schoolmates. I spent three whole years at the school before moving to another school that was closer to my new house, back then. Now we lived in this house for almost 7 years, which is quite a long time considering the fact that we always moved around.

I'm in a really confused state right now and I'm not really sure why. Just trying to figure out myself, I guess. I bought a new laptop but it seems to be causing a lot of trouble. So, I guess I should use the warranty given. Quite frustrated by this since I am forking my own money for this laptop, meaning I'm broke for semesters to come. Haha. I should start saving more and spending less. But can I? We'll just have to wait and see.

The other day, my dad told me I was an underrated driver. By my mom. Well, she really doesn't trust me when it comes to driving eventhough I have driven home to my uni back and forth well like a dozen times already. Not when it comes to driving my car but when it comes to driving her's or my dad's car. But, what the heck. One day, she'll finally agree that I'm a good driver. Haha. Running out of ideas now , so I'll just stop.

'Til then, toodles.

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