Thursday, October 22, 2009

Ex-Best Friend

Dear You,

This is the second time in my life that I lost a best friend. I really treasured our friendship and really worshiped the ground that you walked on. Because I always thought of you to be 'one of a kind'. I have heard people say bad things about you but I'm not one to listen to what people say. I judged you based on our friendship, and I really really liked you. Your kindness, your thoughtfulness and your jokes.

I liked the fact that we shared a lot of common interests and I can just share anything that I want with you. You kinda understood me in ways other people didn't. We didn't know each other for a long time but it was like we were forever friends. I always thought of you as my best friend. I always wanted to make sure you always get what you wanted and that you were always happy and never sad.

But how could you do such a horrible thing? After all that we've been through. After all the secrets that we shared, the jokes we laughed together about, how could you? I never expected it from you. It could have been settled in a jiffy. It wasn't a complicated matter. You only made things worse. So how do you expect me to forgive you? I can't even accept you as a friend, let alone forgive you. I will never forgive you, even if the world ends tomorrow.

I know that I'm just supposed to forgive you, that it's not good to keep a grudge. That forgiving will help me forget and move on. But do you honestly believe that in forgiving you, I can accept what you did to me? You BACKSTABBED me. You USED me. You LIED to my face. You EMBARRASED me. Now matter how many times you explain to me, it's never gonna undo what you did. It's never gonna erase the bad thing that you did. The memory will fade away, but the pain will last forever.

Ex-Best Friend @ Ex-Friend


SuRayA^i. said...

huhu, ak mcm penah ade experience mcm ni..
mule2 mmg xnk maafkan die, but then as time goes by, i learn to forgive.
but seriously mmg it takes time to forgive someone especially those yg da d cnsidered as bestfriend once they made big mistake.

naddy said...

hopefully i can one day.
tp for now, nekad tak leh nak maafkan. bunyi mcm sgt kejam kan? tapi ape yg org tu wat lagi kejam. T_T sgt heartbroken.wuuu (terpersonal lak disini.hehe)

smiley.lalala said...

a pain given by a bestfriend is always the worst..bersaba la ye naddy~ life mmg sucks kdng2..but there's always sunshine after the rain~ =)

naddy said...

yep2.if it was just a random person, tak kesah pon.huu

anyways, i'm trying to be strong here. i have a very strong support friends! thanx for supporting me.hee ;)