Thursday, October 15, 2009

my wishlist ;)

Just because I'm currently interning, I have this illusion that I'm so rich. And because of this illusion, I like to daydream about all the things that I want.

"Tolonglah kembali berpijak di bumi yang nyata. Awak tu pokai!"

Oops, that was me trying to talk sense into myself. But what 's wrong for a girl to dream, right? So, this is my wishlist:

        1.  Watch - preferably swatch. Hari tu, masa balek kampung, sume kedai jam pon singgah, kat airport2 skali pon singgah! Last2, my brother was the one who bought one (using his duet raya). Guess what brand... swatch! I still haven't found the right one for me. Hhmm..

2. A new handphone - I really loveee the Nokia 5800 ExpressMusic. IPhone what? I seriously don't buy all the IPhone craze. A handphone is still a handphone. It's not like you can take a shower using that phone, as previously claimed by an ad I watched. And yeah, the Nokia 5800 is still a handphone but I so love it!

      3. Broadband connection - Haha. This doesn't sound right. Who wishes for broadband right? Okay, so people who don't have internet access will probably want this. I already have 24-hour access at home, so why wish? Well, the reason I want broadband is to prepare myself to go back to my university (name of university will remain confidential since it will hurt the reputation of that said university. Haha. Mcm korg tak tau je kn). I have heard from current students there that the internet is still slow, probably even slower than before. This even without our much loved DC++! Dah la next year ade FYP and FYDP lagi. The internet will be very important for me. Well, aside from facebook-ing and updating my blog that is. *wink wink*

     4. Modify my car, somehow. I don't have that creativity when it comes to cars. A car is for me to drive from one place to another. That's all. But, I would like to see some change in him. (wuu~ him eh? ;P) Haa! An idea just popped out of my head. Can I modify my MyVi to become a Suzuki Swift? (FYI, Suzuki Swift is soooo my dream car!)


Okay, this doesn't look like a wishlist. There aren't even five items in the list. It looks like I don't really fantasize much. Biasa laa. Orang keje kn. Tade mase nk daydream. Hee. However, if I did buy all these, it would probably cost me about...jeng jeng jeng... RM110000. Fine, let's cut out the Swift fantasy and the total would be around RM2000. But still, where on earth am I going to get that amount of money? Well, that's a question I hope I can find the answer to. Cheers!


encikBoy said...

Nokia Xpress Music? Nk try? I can give you mine.. :P

Nadia Jamil said...


hana said...

i dah ade broadband! wee~~

hfon xde lg..sob3~

Nadia Jamil said...

hehe.nk gak broadband gak.kmpl duet kmpl duet~~

hana said...

kmpl2~~ sikit2 lame2 jd bukit!!

aizayazid said...

broadband tu xyah da kot~
sbb kt utp tenet da laju gile!!
br je bukak youtube tadi~hahahaha

naddy said...

haha.siyes ke??
laju smpi leh bukak youtube tu.
satu keajaiban, adekah ia akan bertahan? hehe

smiley.lalala said...

hahaha..nak transform myvi jd suzuki swift mmg menarik~

naddy said...

sgt~ tp cne eh?
any tips? haha

cheese deal said...

aduyai... intenet kat sane slow mcm itik!!! kite buat petition suwoh P1 wimax pasang sane jom. habes cite. satu rumah amek pakej paling mahal skali tuh. kalau UXX tanak bayar, kite BAYAR!!! :-)

naddy said...

eh, bkn tenet utp yg slow mcm siput tu kte byr gak ke?wuuu

ko jd leader petition tu eh~ehe