Wednesday, October 21, 2009

raya sudah habis!

Monday was the last day of Syawal and now we're already into a new month. This year's Raya has got to be my most hectic one ever. There was an open house to attend to every weekend. Macam abang ipar Mya cakap masa malam marhaban tu, " Tengok, raya kat Johor sampai sebulan. Kat Kelantan 3 hari pon da cukup." This wasn't his exact words, this is just what I remembered, so forgive me if I'm wrong ye Mya?

This year, like every year, we balik beraya at Kuching, my mom's kampung. It was fun, because I get to see my cute little cousins, like this one:

SO CUTE, right? And so heavy! But I love him to bits! He loves me too! ;) Since he can't pronounce my name, he just calls me 'Kaka', you know like that cute footballer...

Okay, so he doesn't look that cute in this picture since he's sweaty and all and this picture is not up-to-date because he's playing for Real Madrid now, but just leave it like this, alright? He's not even supposed to be in the discussion. Lari dari topik pulak. In short, this was how my raya weekends went:

The weekend after we got back from Kuching, Nana, Epit, Zik Junior and Abu came to my house for an ad-hoc open house. (ad-hoc open house? Haha). Since both Nana and Epit were from over-the-sea, this was the only time they could come. But thanks for coming! Terharu SANGAT!

The next Saturday, my roommate since foundation second semester (nak gak cakap tu.hee), Ella, wanted to come to Malacca and at the same time, she ajak me to beraya kat KL to which I agreed to. So, she slept at my house on Friday night and we went open-house hunting the next day , from Mya and Odah's house to Syaji's house to Jibah's and finally Alia's house. Oh, lupe lak. Ktorg pegi beraya kt Midvalley gak, open house kt Chilli's. Hihi. That night, we went jalan2 kat downtown pulak. It was one hell of a day! We had a sleepover at Syaji's and I went to Izzah's open house on Sunday. Ended the day by gossipping with Mya for a few hours before heading home. Kan Mya kan? ;P

Friday was a public holiday for Melaka ( TYT's birthday) and since it fell on a Saturday, Friday was declared a holiday for my company (this is the ONLY reason why I like interning here). Mokte, together with Mat Yie and Hazwan, arrived at my house in the wee hours of Friday morning; sempat sembahyang Subuh at my house and then I took them out for breakfast. After that, the girls gossiped 'till Mokte felt sleepy while the guys headed to Agan's. Dalam pukul 5, I pegi bawak dorg jalan-jalan. Menara Taming Sari, River Cruise, Kota A'Famosa, Jonker Walk and Eyes on Malaysia. Just typical tourist hotspots. I never went to Jonker Walk before, so I was the most excited to go. I didn't actually know where it was x_X but we managed to find it. Sanggup jalan kaki dari MP kut (orang Melaka sure tau betapa jauhnya Jonker Walk and MP). Macam I plak yg pelancong kan?

The next day, was my open house. Tunggu orang2 jauh datang. Geng2 KL and Segamat. Unfortunately, the car from Segamat got involved in an accident. My room mate included; so she couldn't make it. I was quite bummed out. It was still a blast, though. I also ended up being a tour guide for Geng KL (Syaji, Odah, Mya and Bai) sbb dorg nak jalan2 pusing Melaka. Dahla baru bawak Mokte jalan smlm kan, tapi naseb baek dorang nak naek Menara Taming Sari (lagi!) je. If not, I seriously need to think of taking another degree. Tourism, probably. HAHA. (Ade ke degree tu?)

The last weekend of Raya took me to....Senawang! Dah lama GLE tak pegi rumah Dayah! I used to singgah2 at her house when she tumpang me from UTP. But since she has her own car now, dah jarang. Wuu. This is the first time in 5 months since all of us got to berkumpul as we were interning far from each other. After Dayah's open house, Mya, Sue and me departed for Batu Pahat, since there is a marhaban at Mya's house. This is the FIRST time JKD actually sampai ke kampung halamannya. After almost 3 years. So sad. Hee.

So, that ends my most hectic Raya ever! See you next year! (Raya, I mean)


hana said... hectic!!
ey, u forget 1 thing...
whre's my duit raya??

p/s: best gak dpt turun melaka, nex time u take me jln2 pulak ye.

naddy said...

heheh.nak duet raye gak ke?
da besaa.xpaya ngade2 ;P

p.s. tula, aritu xsmpat nk bwk jalan2.tape, next tyme k!

smiley.lalala said...

you had such a fun raya jln2 every week..hehe =)

anyways..thnx sbb bwk kiteorg jln2..terharu sgt~~ hehe..

naddy said...

hehe.tawu xpe.weekend ni duk umah je.rase cm culture shock jap.haha

it was my pleasure! alang2 bwk korg jenjalan, aku pon leh jd pelancong gak.if not, aku jalan g shopping mall jela kt melaka ni ;P

bear=) said...

b0t0lll33. maceh2 bw jenjln dgn jkd=)
kmi amat3 epi..bk kate dax chumil kesygn kmu, dier amat2 epi g mlke ri2

bear=) said...


naddy said...

mokte! jgn la ckp kat cni psl dak cumel.skandal la ;P