Saturday, December 19, 2009


I'm seriously dying of boredom here. I don't know what to do. I'm currently up-to-date with all the series and now they are all on hiatus. Then does that mean I should go on a hiatus too? Waa. I think this internship period has reached up to its maximum point. It's just too long. It's like you're working but then not long enough to actually be considered as one. Erk. I don't get what I just said. This is just the boring in me talking.

My final presentation is settled so there is basically nothing much for me to aside from finishing my final report and logbooks. Thank god my logbook is always on track. Tak sanggup nak kejar kejar. Oh my final presentation went pretty well! Thanks to both of my supervisors. I was quite satisfied with it since I didn't even practice much or even memorized anything. I learnt that lesson with PCS. Tak paya hafal hafal. Nanti diri kat depan je terus lupe lirik. Haha.

Aaaaa. Bored. Me posting this post pon bored, blum lagi yang membaca kan? Sure bored baca. Wawawa. Whatever. Rasa nak pegi tengok wayang. Avatar jom? Gile desperate skang nih. My friends are not around. My mom is working on a Saturday, which is also coincidentally her birthday (Happy 45th!) and my dad is out playing golf. My brothers pula are out with their friends, leaving me alone at home. Gaahhh.

Dahla. Nak pegi jogging la. Gahahaha

*Please take note the time published and now it's raining. Gile ke nak jogging? Oh, me = jogging? Sangat tak logik. HAHA


bloody awful poetry said...

What exactly is your internship wei? All this talk of logbooks and semua...fascinating. Um.

New season of 90210 starts next week. More, brand, spiffing new shots of Liam. Best. Christmas. Present. Ever! (Apart from money,money would be good). Also you should start watching Supernatural. You're terlambat about 3 seasons, but the hot boys will help you get over that.

naddy said...

My internship is basically industrial training or practical as they call it. At my uni, its compulsory to do 8 months of practical before you can continue with your final year studies. It's basically 14 credit hours, so thats why there's the weekly logbooks to be submitted and also final report. There's also final presentation. My internship is gonna end next month. Can't wait!

Yeah! I've been waiting for so long to watch my Liam. Haha. Yup2. Best christmas present ever. Imagine opening a present, and Liam jumps out! Gaahh. I'll faint!

Oh, I'm kinda a coward. I tried watching the first episode of the first season and it scared me to death. Haha. Maybe because I was watching it alone at my deserted uni that time. I'll give it another try tho. Hee

hana said...

great for u..relax dah..
me still hv my presentation to go thru with..
yahh, cpt abes~~cant wait!

naddy said...

nana, i'm dying of boredom here.
tulaaa.g intern jaoh2 lagi.aih~
gudluck 4 ur presentation nnt :D