Wednesday, December 02, 2009


Tak tau la knape. Patutnya, da nak habes intern, kena la start merajinkan diri kan? Try to gather as much knowledge as I can during the short period of time that is left. Ni tak. Bertambah malas lagi adelah. Tapi tak tau lah malas dari segi ape. Nak cakap logbook tak siap lagi, on track je. Sekarang tengah wat logbook bulan November (FYI, I have to send my logbooks on a monthly basis). I've done all the work my SV has asked me to do. In fact, I'll always try to get it done the same day. Tapi tipu la if I say I only do work kat ofis tu kan? Hee. Adelah jugak main main. *wink2* Tapi mostly main main kut. Haha.

To be honest, I was really excited during the starting of my internship. Getting a place at a refinery. Getting to wear the yellow-DIGI coverall. I always sunk my head into the P&IDs and operating manuals. Hafal baek punye la. But it only lasted at least 2 months. Now, I'm just plain bored. Too much hope given, but not granted. (Ayat macam baru putus cinta je. Haha) I go to work with this 'pasrah' face. Like I'm being forced to go. Tapi memang pon. Kalau tak pegi, fail la. Hee.

The second visit will be on the 16th this month, and I haven't even started on my slides. Eh, dah stat dah. First slide tu jela.

by Nadiah binti Jamil bla bla bla

So, starting from next week, I have to be serious. I have to go to work with a smile on my face (Padahal, tengah pilih satu hari nak ponteng next week. Haha. Oopsie :D). I have to start working on my slides. There's another trainee that just joined my department, so I can bully him. *Hihihi. Evil laugh wink2* (Gile overemphasize part tu). Okay, that's all. Update blog pon dah malas dah ni. This is like the first update in 2 weeks. Selalu, update cm hape je :D


wani gaga gugu gege said...

hehe.. gud luck with the slides.. and the presentation!! maju tu wo.. dh wat first slide. aku blm wat pun lg pape. kah3

naddy said...

gudluck to you gak.haha
maju la sgt kn.satu hari, wat satu slide je ni.tade idea nk letak ape T_T

smiley.lalala said...

good luck naddy!! org kl ni pon mls jugakkk!! ngahahahha..

naddy said...

hee.gudluck to u too syaji ;))
cant wait for hell to be over.haha