Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Saya SANGAT innocent

Haaa. I'm sooo innocent. Don't believe me?

I just reformatted my laptop walaupon baru je format awal intern hari tu. Thanks Nawi *wink2. Lepas aku mintak ko format, sume nak mintak format kat ko. Ngahaha. Soriii ;)

Eh, lari topik pulak. You want to know why I had to format my lappy? Because I clicked on a !$%^&* SPAM.

Punye lah innocent fikir 'orang tersebut' btol2 nak mintak tolong.

*@#$%: I cant decide if i should make this photo my default. What do you think? Click on link.

So, I went on to click on that link.

Bongok tak? Rase nak dush dush dush je diri sendiri.

The minute I saved that !@$% virus in my laptop, it started to spread spam using my YM! and GTalk account.

You wanna know what BS nonsense it spammed?

naddy: I just got my lip pierced. Tell me what you think of the photo I took of it earlier. Click on link.

Sejak bile pulak aku pierce my lips? Nak kena kejar dengan mak aku dengan pisau ke? Gahaha

Mereka yang mendapat spam itu pulak sume buat2 tanya lak. Haha. Geram weh dengan diri sendiri. *Dush dush dush diri sendiri T_T

So,  after that stupid kejadian, I had to format my laptop. I was planning to upgrade my RAM, so alang alang pegi la upgrade sekali. I also bought the original anti-virus. Kaspersky. The 3-user ones. One for my laptop, one for the PC at home and one for... I don't know. Cepat cepat! 

Who wants to be my anti-virus buddy? 

I bought it for RM105 (I know I know. It's kinda expensive. It's more cheaper during PC Fair tapi nak wat cemane kan?). I'll sell the third ownership for RM30. Okay kan? Please please be lah my anti-virus buddy. Kite share share virus jum? Gahahaha. I'm really broke rite now. I spent RM300 on my laptop for the RAM, anti-virus and format service fee. I hope it isn't slow anymore. If tak, I baling and beli baru je nanti (macam ade duet plak).

Oh, about the spamming thing. I kinda got traumatized when people give links through gtalk now.

The other day, someone pm'ed me their blog link. And this is what happened.

*excerpt from chat 

!@#$%^&: blogspot link

naddy: ni spam ke?

!@#$%^&: tak. blog aku. =.='

naddy: (trauma tekan link.haha)
           smlm tekan jadi spam
           nanti aku visit ye ;)

Tengok! Terus trauma. Jelas jelas tulis blogspot kut. Pegi fikir tu spam watape? T_T
Ayat last tu ayat nak sedapkan hati. Tapi betol. I really visited your blog. Hehe


Rose Idayu Roslan said...

alamak! aku pon dpt virus yg sme..

"i juz got my hair trim nicely, have seen my thins link ^%^%^&T"
tp mls nk format comp................

naddy said...

waaa.terpaksa la..tade cara laen da.huhu