Saturday, December 25, 2010

The Unplanned Vacation

But can you call it a vacation? Its more like a roadtrip. Pegi maen redah je. The moment I arrived, terus banjir. Never ever thought that raining for just one whole day can cause quite a flood. Roads were closed, ade jalan runtuh and siap ade sampan bagai. Okay, now I'm acting all jakun. Since it was raining, the whole day, I really couldn't go anywhere. Just pusing-pusing dalam kereta. Last2 pegi McD jugak kan. Haha. What will the world be without it, right? The next day, just spent a few hours at K. Terengganu and went to Kemaman. There's basically just plenty of beaches there. Next time, I should come during a non-raining season. Pandai kan? Adeh.

Curik je gambar sbb xamek gambar. Huk3

Oh, I ended up going to Kelantan by bus, alone. Haha. Forgot to mention that I was sick the whole trip. Sampai2 Kerteh I was already feeling under the weather. Anyways, it was kinda cool naek bas sorang2 pegi negeri orang. Cm backpacking gituu. The bus ride took 5 hours from Dungun to wherever I stopped. Lupe dah name tempat tu. Stop depan masjid and the opposite road ade post office. Ide suruh turun awal to avoid the jam in KB. So there I was waiting all alone by the side of the road carrying a backpack and pretending to play with my phone while a long line of cars stuck in a jam keep staring at me macam budak hilang mak je. Malu okayy.

I arrived 7pm Tuesday and I had to go back my Thursday morning, so I only had one whole day to jalan-jalan. They took me to Rantau Panjang and Pantai Cahaya Bulan. At night, Mokte took me to see airplanes so I can wish upon them. Tak tak. Nak g tengok je. Memang cm jakun tapi it was cool when there was this HUGE JET lalu depan mata! It was like a scene from a movie. Speechless mann.

 Rupe-rupenye sini pon zon bebas cukai. Baru tauuu!

Depan masjid. Lupe name die ape. Unik kannn

Kat PCB.

As usual, more pics kat FB. Anwayss, I took the 10.30 am bus. The bus was only a few minutes late but somehow, the journey back to Kerteh was longer than the journey to KB. I arrived depan the PETRONAS Complex kat Kerteh tu in 7 hours. Huhu. Aritu memang la naek dari Dungun, tapi Dungun-Paka setengah jam jela kut kann? Tensen je since I was trying to catch my dad's ride. Tsk. Ban bus kejapppp. After my dad picked me up there, we headed straight home. Home, at last! 

Kerteh and KB in memories. 19-23 Decemeber 2010.


Lil0 ChIp$ said...

panjang journey ko ye nad...hehehe

at last update jugak~ =)

naddy said...

sangat ok. penat aku. huk3

haha buhsan punye pasal kannn~ hee