Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Kembali aktif?

I used to be a very active blogger. So the active part is kinda exaggerating. But the point is, I stopped. Due to several factors. Lets list them down quickly.

  1. Heartbroken. (A very old story. HAHA)
  2. No time to write.
  3. The internet sucked. BIG TIME. 
  4. Malas. Tapi sebenarnya, I have too many things to write until I dunno how to start. *wink2

That's about it. Malas nak fikir dah O_O

So, since I don't have anything better to do at home (and the internet is soooo FAST), I guess I will be updating often. Hehe

I'm currently supposed to tanam anggur but since I don't have any land, I gotta find something else to do. Huk3.

Yesterday I spent the whole day at Suria KLCC just for the sake of it. My mom got a meeting there so, my sis, cousin and me, ended up following so we weren't stuck bored at home. There were major sales everywhere. But I didn't buy anything. Rugii je. Haha. But the main point is, we went to PETROSAINS. Of alllll the places in there kannnn.

But to tell you the truth, it was kinda cool. You really have a greater appreciation of the things there when you just finished a degree in Chemical Engineering. I have practically been exposed of all things in PETROSAINS for 5 years. So, it wasn't THAT lame. Hehe.  But just never go there during school holidays. NEVER. That was not a wise choice to do.


si gadis said... update! haha =P

naddy said...

haha sume excited ble aku update blog. maafla peminat2 sbb tak slalu update. ni aku mnganggur ni boley laaa :P