Tuesday, June 03, 2008

I Can't Read Minds

I have this tendency to attract people that expect me to read their minds. Especially when it comes to that. You know... that. I'm quite sick and tired of this. The latest one is the most mind boggling of them all. I thought I knew it but what I thought was wrong. I think. See! Even I don't know what is running in that mind of his. It's like he cares but he doesn't. He gives you signs of jealousy and all that but then later he acts as if you mean nothing to him.

How do you decipher all this? What does it really mean? He makes me so insecure. Really insecure. No one has ever made me feel this insecure in my life. Sometimes, I think he is for real while other times I think he's just playing with me. He just wants to step on my gorgeous little head. Using me for his own good like when he needs someone to talk to when he's lonely. I liken the way he treats me as his punching bag. When you punch it, you will feel satisfied while that punching bag will get hit after hit. Cool, huh?

It really hurts that he has to do this to me. I cry every time I feel insecure. At this rate, I would probably run out of tears by I'm 30. My eyes are as swollen as a cute panda's eyes. The funny thing is even though he makes me cry silently at night, in my sleep, I still laugh at his jokes. I still wait anxiously for his messages. I still think of him every single moment. It's true what they say. Love is blind.


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