Monday, June 08, 2009

Yes, I’m a Trainee!

It has been a week since I started my intern, and boy, it’s tiring. Even if what I did was just sitting in the office all day and do nothing (I’m supposed to read some materials but it is just so boring that I fell asleep a couple of times. It feels like study week all over again. Aiyayay~). Well I did follow my colleagues to a meeting (which I didn’t understand one bit) near the plant site. But that was it.

Since this is officially my 2nd week in the office, I’m compelled to write this post mostly because I’m getting used to this working environment. It is quite a laidback environment. You can go in and out of the office as you want (I always thought that you can only go out during lunch break) as long as you come at 8 and leave at 5 since there’s this card you have to swipe every time you enter the compound.

To tell you the truth, my supervisor is not around to boss me, give me tons of workloads and force me to work extra hours in the plant. I’m soooo looking forward to that! (This shows how bored I am) Luckily, his colleagues that are under the same department as me has given me a few reading materials for me to study. And it’s all about distillation. Distillation this, distillation that. I’ll probably die after hearing that words for 8 months. Haha. Please laugh with me. I’m trying to make a bad joke.

It’s just 10.45am. There’s still two hours and 15 minutes before lunch break. Oh, I have a new hobby. COUNTDOWNS. I have developed a passion of counting down, whether to lunch time or to the time to go home since it’s still early days in the office and there’s nothing to do. So let me just continue counting down, okay?

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