Wednesday, June 17, 2009


>Don’t sleep. Don’t sleep. Don’t sleep! Can’t somebody just pinch me right now? I don’t know why I have been feeling really sleepy these couple of days. I think I have enough sleep. I mean, sometimes I sleep at 11pm. If you follow UTP time, that’s really early. Anyways, I guess the reason I always feel sleepy is because I have to study all these materials. The P&IDs and PFDs are okay since they are quite interesting but when I have to read about heat transfer (again! Like it wasn’t enough studying it for one semester) and other boring reading stuff, I get really sleepy. I need coffee, I need Nescafe! Haha..

I played futsal last night and it was fun. The game ended a draw, like 11-11 or something like that. Kinda lost count considering the number of goals we scored. We played for about 1 hour and boy, it was tiring! At first I played in attacking role, but when I got tired of running up and down the field (sometimes I supported the defense), I changed positions with the keeper. You think being the keeper is easy? Huh! Think again. It doesn’t involve a lot of running but the saves are sometimes quite painful. One time, the ball hit my face. I lost count of how many times they kicked the ball and hit my ankles. But it was worth it. It was fun to let it all out once in awhile.

Now, there was a funny story last night. Some of us went for supper after the game at a nearby restaurant. While we were waiting for our food, we talked a bit and suddenly;
Friend 1: Eh, tu bukan artis ke tu?
(pandang ke arah sane)
Saye yg mmg kurang tahu psl celebrity tanah air: Mane2? Sape lak tuu??
Friend 2: Alaa, sape tah.. Aidit and Bell.
Saye yg mmg kurang tahu psl celebrity tanah air: Haa? Sape? Tak knl ponn..
Friend 3: Alaa, Bell Ngasri. Ngn Aidit Marcello..(kut)
Saye yg mmg kurang tahu psl celebrity tanah air: Oh, Bell Ngasri ke tu? Cm laen jee..(cube tgk muke)
(tetibe sorg abg pandang ke arah ktorg)
Abang-bajet-PR-pgg-kamera-SLR: Haa, adek2..nak amek gmbr ke? Meh la cni..
Kami: (muke blur) Errr…knape ttbe abg tu suh kte g sane tu?
Abang-bajet-PR-pgg-kamera-SLR: Meh la…Japg nk balek da nie..
Kami: …..
After they left, we were laughing our heads off. I mean, if we really wanted to take a picture with those freakin’ ‘famous’ celebrities, we would have jumped in an instance. There was no need to offer us to take pictures with them. OFFER US. Shouldn’t it be the other way round, like say… WE ASKED for the pictures? Gosh! What has the world become?
There’s still like 29 weeks and two days for the internship period to be over. There’s still a long way to go. One of the main reasons that I couldn’t wait for intern was so that I could run away from HIM. Yes, HIM. That’s one wish fulfilled.

P.S. I was looking at my side mirrors the whole time I was typing this post. Ngahahaha..

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