Sunday, November 22, 2009

KK Trip

Last two weeks, I went to KK with my friends, that consisted of Ella, Odah, Syaji, Ain, Yasmin, Embun and Epit. It was planned like 5 months in advance. Orang sibuk sibuk baru nak start intern, ktorang da plan nak pegi bercuti. Teruk kan? T_T We took that opportunity sebab time tu, tiket kapal terbang sangat murah! It was a 5-day trip that consisted us going to every part of Borneo, except Kalimantan and Brunei. Here was how it went.

6th November 2009
Since the flight to Miri was at 7.25am the next morning, I headed to KL straight after work. Well, not straight after work. Kena balek rumah dulu, abeskan packing yang tak abes abes tu. I went to Odah and Mya's place. Dah berjaya pegi rumah dorang tanpa kesesatan! *Bangga* After waiting for Odah to finish packing, we went to have dinner at this place called Q Bistro where the waiters used PDAs to take our orders. Gile cool kan? We waited for Ain as we were going to sleepover at her place that night. After that, surprise surprise! Mya menghilangkan diri and bawak birthday cake to our table to celebrate your's truly punye birthday. Thanks Mya! Since I didn't get to blow the candles for my own birthday celebration the other day, I was eager to blow this one out. Haha.

7th November 2009
After the small celebration, the three of us, me, Odah and Ain, headed to Ain's house. We arrived there about 12am and we had to quickly get ready for bed since we had to wake up at 3 in the morning to go to KL Sentral so that we can go to LCCT by bus. Ayyo, sangat tak cukup tidur! T_T Nasib baek boley bangun, kalau tak, selamatlah trip tu. Lepak KL jelah jawabnye. Hehe. Ain's older sister sent us there and we met up with Ella, Syaji and Bai who were from Syaji's house. Dapat la kejar bus pukul 4.30 pagi tuh. Sampai sampai je KL Sentral tu, ktorang terus check-in beg and g lepak kt OldTown. Lepak punye lepak sampai xsedar da nak dekat pukul 7. Dengan tak sembahyang Subuhnya lagi. Adoi2. Ktorang berkejar2 pegi surau and bile kuar surau, terdengarlah nama nama anak dara yang bertuah kena panggil kat speaker. Haha. Malu weh. Nasib baik tak kena tinggal ;P

Our first flight was to Miri first because we had to pick up Embun and Yasmin dulu (macam naek kete lak kan. Haha). We arrived there about 10.00 am, so we just hung out at the airport and waited for them to come and also for our next flight to KK at 1.30pm. The Miri-KK flight just took 20 minutes. Ni pulak macam naek bas je! Epit was already there when we arrived, so he took us straight to our hotel. After a short rest, we were set to find a place to eat since all of us were starving! Jalan punye jalan, we ended up eating at the waterfront (tu kut panggilan die).

After the lunch-dinner combo, we went to Warisan Square. It's like a shopping mall, but with an open air concept. Sangat pelik. Sampai sesat kut jalan dalam tu. Lepas shopping sket (ni mmg btol sket je sbb Ella yang banje. Hee), we tried to go back to our hotel. Time tu, our travel guide (Epit) pegi manetah dengan Ain, so we had to find our own way back to the hotel. So, we got lost again. Haha. Tah mane ktorang pegi. Lame gak sesat, dahlah time tu dah lepas maghrib, tapi rase macam pukul 10 malam da sebab da sangat gelap, padahal baru pukul 6 lebih. Last2 lepas tanya tanya orang, dapat gak jumpa hotel tu. Balek2 bilik sume kepenatan gila. Semangat je nak tengok match Kelantan-Negeri Sembilan tu, tapi baru first half da tertidur. At about 1030pm, Ain came knocking at our door, to wake us up. Lupe lak nk pegi tengok wayang pkl 11 lebih punye tiket. Lawak kan? Pegi jaoh jaoh, pastu pegi tengok wayang gak. Macam kat sini takde wayang pulak. Adoi adoi. So, we were practically dragged to the cinema. We were like sleepwalking and following Ain and Epit's lead. But, it was worth it. The movie was fun. Gedik yang best ;P

8th November 2009
The next morning, we had to wake up early so we could go to the Sunday Market. It was a once in a week thing, so if we missed it, it would be our lost. It was fun shopping there. Banyak la jugak dibeli ;)

The next agenda was going snorkelling! So, we walked quite a distance from our hotel to Jesselton Point, and take a boat ride there to Pulau Manukan and Sapi. First, we headed to Pulau Manukan, where some of us were going parasailing. Waa. Excited! Parasailing is like being tied onto a kite and someone controlling you at the bottom. Sangat besh!

After that, Odah and me went snorkelling and there was these two nice lifeguards who were off duty that took us snorkelling to the deep water parts. The fish and coral reefs were beautiful :) Thanks for the help! If tak, tak berani nak pegi jauh jauh sebab tak reti berenang. Hehe. Then, all of us headed to the next island, Pulau Sapi to do more snorkelling. Balek balek tu memang sangat sunburn, walaupon da sapu sunblock SPF 50 da kut T_T Before heading back to our hotel, we had an early dinner. Malam tu pegi jalan jalan kat market yang bukak stiap hari tu and tengok live band performance kat bawah hotel ktorang je. Then later, me and Odah were quite excited to watch the Man Utd - Chelsea game, but we only lasted until half-time. Dah sangat penat and mengantuk time tuh. And yeah, Man Utd lost :(

9th November 2009
Embun and Yasmin left for Miri at about 7++ in the morning. So, there was only 6 of us now. Today, we were going mountain-climbing! Okay, technically, it is true. Tapi naek kereta jelah. Hehe. Epit rented this Toyota Avanza that came along with a cute driver. *wink wink* I dunno how many hours it took to get there because I was spacing out in the car. Hehe. First, we went to Kinabalu Park where we enjoyed the coolness of the place. After that, we headed to Poring. Ade canopy walk and hot springs there. Kat cni adelah gak kena panjat gunung skett. Sangat penat! Padahal panjat tak sampai 10 minit pon. Haha. Nampak sangat takde stamina. Yelaa. Cemane la nak ade stamina kalau asyik makan je time intern ni. Skang da rase gemok T_T Oh, Epit berjaya kenakan aku mase tengah 'panjat' gunung tu. Pandai eh die gunekan kefobiaan aku terhadap pacat tuk kenakan aku. Takpe takpe. Huu. On the way down the mountain, we had our lunch. The food was quite different. Masakan die pelik sket, tapi sebab lapar, ngap jelaa. That night, we went to find cheap DVDs and later ate dinner at SugarBun while listening to the live band performance again. Honestly, they were quite good. :)

10th November 2009
We spent the whole morning at the Filipino market shopping. Macam macam beli. Kat cni lah start pokai. Haha. Tah ape dibelinya pon taktau. Adoyai. After that, we went back to our hotel room to start packing and check-out of the hotel because we were heading to Labuan. Nak naek tongkang je ni! Hee. Kidding. We were going to Menumbok by bus, which was like a 2 hour journey and we will take a speedboat there to Labuan. Seriously, mase naek speedboat tu, rase macam pelarian naek tongkang! (See, I told you we were going to Labuan by tongkang. Well, macam jela. Hehe) Tengok tengok. Ni mase baru gerak.

Pastu bile da gerak, tetiba da ujan. Basah dorang! Haha. Ktorang duk opposite dorang sangat bernasib baek ;P

That night, after chocolate-shopping, we just hung out at Epit's house, where he and Ain prepared dinner for us. Nyum nyum. Sedap! Hehe. Kelaparan la katekan. After that, sume orang pon sebuk sebuk nak register course untuk next sem, nak pilih major sume tu. Nasib baek da setelkan awal awal. Thanks Sue, registerkan ;) By the way, Epit's place was really huge! Astro pon ade. Dahla tak payah bayar pape. Besh gle! Tapi sebab kat Labuan kan. Buhsan wehh. (I know this because I've on a holiday there for one week, and memang sangat buhsan)

11th November 2009
Today was our last day of the trip. Our flight back to KL was at 10.25am so Epit took us for breakfast before heading to the airport. I practically slept the whole way back in the plane. Penat sgt la katekan. Oh, lupe. Ella had to chase her 2.00pm train to Segamat from KL Sentral. We arrived at LCCT at 12.45pm. So we, chased for the 1.00pm bus to KL Sentral and arrived there at about 2.00pm ++. Turun turun bus, Ella and Syaji pegi kejar train, while we took care of Syaji's bag. Luckily, the train was delayed for about 45 minutes, so sempat la Ella nak naek.After, lunch at KL Sentral's KFC, the remaining 4 of us dragged our bags naek LRT (kut). Mule mule turun kat Masjid Jamek, then dari situ, naek pegi Bandar Tun Razak. Penat weh angkat beg tuh. Ain's car was parked at that station. So, we headed to her house, transferred some pics (sempat lagi tu) and then Ain sent me, Syaji and Odah to Odah's house to get my car. We hung out at Odah's house awhile, and after that, I sent Syaji to her house before I headed home. I arrived home at about 7.00 pm. Esok dahla keje pulak tu T_T

So, that was my trip. Sangat penat and sakit di poket, but it was worth it! Next destination...LANGKAWI! Hee

P.S. I lost my new perfume that my dad bought for me. My theory is, it was stolen while my bag was transferred from airport to airport because I noticed the security thing that was stuck to my zippers, was kinda ripped (meaning it was zipped open). I didn't lock my bag, thinking there was nothing precious inside that bag besides my underwear. Haha. Kidding. Kejam kejam kejam pencuri tu. So, just a short reminder, please lock your bag, walaupon there's nothing precious in it. Huu. Kena beli baru :(


hana said...

at last! update about ur trip pulak..
hehe..nice~~i like!!!
aiyoo, stolen? mahal tu..
pity u~
nvm, we go to langkawi later on..we buy the new one! no tax kann.. :P

naddy said...

tawu takpe.sgt mahal kut perfume tuh! now kna beli laen pulak~ ish3
yep2, boley! i want to buy the same one. xpuas lagi pki yang tu.huuu

hana said...

hehe..~cant wait!:)

wani gaga gugu gege said...

haha.. nak ikot korg gak~~ :) aku kat kk gak nieee

naddy said...

erhh, skng kt kk ke? waa.sume org pegi kk lak.ehe

smiley.lalala said...

a ah..sume org gi kk~ kene gi tmpt len yg org xgi lak..haha..xnk sama ngan org len punye psl~ hihi..

naddy said...

haha.tula psl.sume org g kk lak.buhsan ah cmniii.ish3

hana said... mane tu?
cuti2 malaysia~ penuhkan visit anda..:P