Sunday, January 02, 2011

Welcome 2011 :)

I know it's already the second day of the new year but yeahhh, just got back from boring, old Kerteh. Sorry kutuk. Haha. Went to KL on Thursday to settle a few things with the family and headed to Kerteh on Friday to accompany my Dad for the weekend. I feel like a nomad. I've been to Kerteh twice in 3 weeks. KL tayah cakapla. Macam baru lepak Suria KLCC je hari tu? Refer previous post. Did I mention it was the raining season up there in Kerteh? So, me being clever, I just wore these precious Crocs that I bought in Singapore during the Raya holidays. I also wore it the last time I came. Tak perlu pakai selipar cantik2. Too many puddles and what not. Haha.

In my favourite colour :)

Anyways, there was no celebration for the new year. Just stayed home and watched the live concert on TV. Waited until the countdown and went to bed. Pathetic, right? Haha. Tak kesah pon. It's just like any other day. When you put a title for that day, then suddenly that day becomes special kann. Betol tak? Anyways, I was practically on a mission to buy my own set of Monopoly Deal. Cari kat semua tempat pon xjumpe. Okay, okay. Just cari kat Melaka and Suria je hari tu. And who would've guessed I ended up buying it at Toys R Us, Kerteh kan?  Well, Mini Toys R Us. Dah buhsan kat sane, g la maen kat Starbucks. (Tak sangka semua ni ade kat Kerteh kan? HAHAHAHA)

Tengok2, saye ade atuk! Hehe

K bye nak mandi. Baru sangat sampai dr Kerteh niii. Really want to blog about my New Year's Resolution but I haven't given much thought on it. Wait for the next post yeee. 

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