Sunday, November 01, 2009

A Family Affair

Yesterday, I went out with my sister. We planned to watch Papadom. And the movie rocks! It was sooooooo damn funny! It was also quite sad. There were two scenes in particular that was really touching and I actually cried. The tears were flowing! If I were to rate this movie, I would give it a 10! I don't want to give spoilers for the movie, so don't forget to watch it, okay? I would love to watch it again, so don't for get to ajak me! Hehe.

Anyways, we arrived at Dataran Pahlawan at about 1.30pm and planned to watch the 2.40pm slot. But it was full! Darn it. So, we opted to watch the 5.20pm slot. That meant we had 4 hours to kill before the movie started. That was quite a wrong decision because I ended up shopping. Even with a limited budget, I managed to. Errh. I was supposed to save money for my trip next week! (Siyes tak sabar nak pegi!) Tapi takpe. It wasn't that much because I (konon2nye) was shopping for that trip. Bagi alasan tuk sedapkan hati. Haha. I bought an ear ring, a pair of sandals and my sister bought me a necklace for my upcoming birthday. Well, actually, I practically forced her to buy it for me. Hehe.

Due to the boredom we had to face waiting for that movie, we ended up cam-whoring in the dressing rooms.

After the movie, we waited for the rest of the family to come and we ended up eating at Oldtown. My sis took a picture of my dad using the sequence mode on my phone where it takes 18 photos in a row. This is one of them. The rest are my pictures of my dad making funny faces.

Oh, here's another interesting story. On Friday night, the whole family (minus my 19 year old brother) went to eat at...

I know. Ade branch kat Melaka dah skang! It's on the rooftop of Dataran Pahlawan. The food was okay but there was one downside. We ended being basah kuyup after a 'It's raining men!' moment. Haha. Tak tau ape kaitannya tapi memang hujan lebat gle la afterwards. So from being really really dry...

We ended up being up like this..

Well, the whole family did.

(My 17-year-old brother took the picture)

Don't blame the rain. Blame the location of the restaurant; an isolated island on the rooftop of DP. They should figure something out to solve this problem, or their customers will have to end up playing in the rain in order to go home, especially during this rainy season.

P.S. After the shopping spree (la sangat), I ended up with more things that I wanted to buy. I'll update my wishlist later ;)


Izzi Yaacob said...

huh..nasi lemak antarabangsa branch kat melaka..memang kool!*damn..i missed Malacca so much!*..huuu

naddy said...

hehe.ade ape jela kt melaka yg boley dirindui.wa3 (sgt xsapot melaka.haha)

bear=) said...

wehh..ak 2 kali tg0k cite nie, 2 kali ak x f0cus weh..stu ak kuar tgh2 jln, ke-2 ak td0 mati...huhhhu.cmne 2?? ahakz.pdahal sebulan bf0r cite nie kuar, ak yg smgt2 p0m0t kt sumer org s0h liyana ni dpt anugrh plk0n p0mpuna t'bek...eeee

naddy said...

haha.sbb ko kn minat gle liyana jasmay tu!
apela ko nie..tdo lakk.cte ape yg ko xtdo? ;P

hana said...

mine too..
unplanned as usual..haha..
i bought a new purse..
later i'll make a post ye..
so that u can see the pic..
now,officially broke!

papadom?best ea..
mcm xsmpat je nak tgk..huu

wani gaga gugu gege said...

ade ape special kat nasi lemak antarabangsa? xpenah pegiiii

naddy said...

hhmm.specialtynye nasi lemak.kononnye the best ni just branch je.the original one kt kl, kt kg baru. try la pegi ;)