Thursday, November 05, 2009

Happy 21st Birthday...

To me!

So my birthday was yesterday, 4th of November 2009. That makes me...12 years old? Okay okay. I'm just pretending to suck at Maths because I can't accept the fact that I'm already 21. SERIOUSLY? Perangai macam kanak2 je.ngehh

Anyways, thanks for the wishes everyone! Whether it was via calls, messages or Facebook. I really appreciate it :))

Oh, thanks to my intern-mates! They organised a surprise party for me and Apan (since it was Apan's birthday too), but I couldn't make it! Seriously, sangat tak bajet korang nak wat celebration tu! I think this could be the first time ever that the birthday girl/boy didn't come to her/his own birthday party. I received a call from them though. Kesian Apan kena tinggal sorang2. Blushing gile die! Haha. Here's the birthday cake;

And because I didn't come, they saved a few pieces for me. So this is what was left of it;

Haha. I didn't get to see the cake. But it's okay. They left me two funny videos for me to watch. Nanti2 upload. Hee. But, honestly. Aku sangat terharu dengan korang ;)

Oh, one of my best friends, sent this cute card. Pakai POSLAJU tu. Tapi sampai sehari awal. Hehe. It's so cute. Terharu gak ;)

Eh, lupe plak! This year I got a very different kind of wish. I mean, the way it was communicated to me. This is a once-in-a-lifetime kind of opportunity...

(Please ignore the spelling error)

A wish from the Novell thingy-whatever-it-is-called! Kitorg kat sini takde internet. So, nak PM tak maen la GTalk2 ni. Pakai Novell ni jelah. Haha. Ni JAKUN namanya. Wish kat sini pon nak amek gambar. Hee. Please forgive the birthday girl, okay? She was just so excited ;)

Okay, so that's all from me. I gotta go packing. I'm going on an extended holiday this weekend, so I'll be taking a three-day leave until next Wednesday! So don't find me at the office. Can't wait to go!

'Til then, Toodles! :))


SuRayA^i. said...

hepy belated besday!~~~

hana said...

birthday girl..
21 la, kene trima gak!!

lawa nye cake~
ala,,x dpt nak rse~~

wani gaga gugu gege said...

Happy Belated Birthday naddy!!! dah tuaaa.. aku blm tua lagi.. keh333.. cute nye cake tu mcm tuannye juge.. (len kali blnje aku sbb puji ko) ahaha xikhlas btol puji

naddy said...

thanx for the wishes ;)

wani: haha.pndi ye nk bodek2 ;P time aku lak bodek2 ko.hehe