Friday, November 20, 2009

Please start drooling now!

Here are my favourite characters/actors in my favourite movies/series. And obviously, ALL of them are guys. I'd be a lesbian if any of them were girls ;P

The Twilight Saga

Robert Pattinson a.k.a

Edward Cullen! Haha. I don't know why there is a need to post two pics of them, since they are the same person @_@ Isn't he a cutie? Dahla sangat sweet dengan Bella! He is the reason why I fell in love with vampires. Tak kesah pon if kena jadi one of them for him. Sanggup sacrifce tu. Haha. Omaigod. Dah terlalu obses. Nadiya Jamil, sila kembali ke jalan yang lurus dan benar! (I'll explain why I spelt my name like that later) He is also the reason why I've read The Twilight Saga books twice already! And I'm planning to read it again. Oh, and I soooo can't wait for the movie. Nak jumpe Edward kesayangan ;)


Matt Lanter a.k.a. Liam Court. He is sooo cute. The broody, mysterious, bad boy type that I absolutely adore! He is a bad boy but a softie at heart. I especially liked the episode in Season 1, at the end of Episode 23 where he and AnnaLynne McCord who plays Naomi Clark in the show, had a moment together where they danced under the falling snow to the song of 'Let the Love Back In' by The Orange Lights (Wah, sangat spesifik kan. Haha). Seriously, that is my favourite scene of all time! Now, 90210 is in its second season, and he's trying to win Naomi back. Hope he succeeds! ;)

Gossip Girl

Ed Westwick a.k.a Chuck Bass. In the first season, I totally adored Nathan Archibald (played by Chace Crawford) for his cuteness! Typical kan? But now, I like Chuck more. I like his bad boy character. Bad boy tapi sangat matured, especially in the second season. Sangat hot ;P He is really growing up! Lagi lagi the way he treats Blair. He may appear feelingless when it comes to true love and all, but he knows how to show it. Suke suke suke XD


Zachary Quinto a.k.a. Gabriel Gray or Sylar. Okay. Rasanye you can see the pattern. He is a bad guy kan? And I like him, tapi bile die baek jela. Gile ke ape kalau aku suke die sebab die suke potong2 kepala orang pakai jari die je kn? Tapi sangat susah la nak nampak die baek. He is only nice when he doesn't know who he is (amnesia/lost of identity) or during the third season (kut), when he had a son (in the future). He looks really sweet! ;) Oh, tapi skang Peter Petrelli bertambah hot sebab die selalu selamatkan orang. Tetibe suke paramedics. Hihi

Haha. That's it I guess. You can come to the conclusion that...I like bad boys. Haha. Betol ke tu? Ngaa. Tak tau tak tau. Dahh laa. Abaikan. Oh, sile lap mulut anda. You're drooling too much ;D

P.S. This entry shows that I have too much time in my hands. Siap wat research lagi tu. Haha


bLueSpeCky said...

haha..aku definitely agree with liam je..:P

kersani said...

wasn't too much of a fan of other than Gossip Girl.

but really, your quote about Chuck Bass is impressive.

nice post!

and owh, twilight? boleh tak review characteristics of Bella Swan as you read it in the novels.

kalau boleh...


naddy said...

zima: haha, aku tau ko xminat edward ;P

firdaus: thanks! :D mmg sgt suke watak chuck bass tu..hehe

hhmm..lenkali i'll try to review her character. but you sholud try reading the saga. sgt menarik!

hana said...

me only 2 out of the four ...
definitely liam n edward!!
eh eh, peter xbole~..u stay wit sylar jer taw..haha..

naddy said...

hehe.nope2.nak peter gak ;P
klu ko nk peter sorg2, ko bg edward n liam kat aku.hihi

bloody awful poetry said...

Hey Nadia =) Sorry bab crashing your blog party, but I baru this morning watched an episode of 90210 with that Matt Lanter specimen in it - Liam kan, nama characternya?- and I was like @___@ Seriously. Should. Have. Started. Watching. This. Stupid. Show. Earlier. I kinda hated it at first because the characters are so weak and inconsistent and annoying and I never could keep track of who was bercumbuan with who. But GAH. Liam and Naomi. So hot. *fans self* Oh and that scene where they're dancing in the fake snow! begitu the romantik. But my brother kacau la wei. He kept commenting on how the salji nampak macam dandruff. Issh.

- Vanessa

bloody awful poetry said...

Oh and by the way...I get the feeling that you're going to hate my blog. Being a Twilight lover and all. Heheheheh. *senyum kambing*

p.s I sure do hope I used that simpulan bahasa in the right context.

naddy said...

haha. can't believe that you never heard of this show before! i'm so obsessed with 90210! especially because of Liam. I'm proud that I made you a fan (90210 should give me some sort of royalty for this.heh)

oh, I can't wait to read your blog! I'd love to see how much you hate twilight ;P

*I think you used it in the right context. my BM has always sucked. especially since I don't have to study for it now.hee*