Tuesday, November 17, 2009



I'm supposed to be the MC tomorrow for a company event, and I'm nervous to death! I don't really like being in the spotlight (haha)! Mati mati mati. Nak bagi alasan ape nih. MC ke? Titibe rase macam nak demam! Ngeh3. The one reason I don't want to be the MC is because I'm the type that likes to embarrass-herself-in-very-large-crowds kind of person. I like to hog attention unintentionally (I think). Adding to that is the fact that I'm kinda a klutz. So that worsens the situation. Hope I don't do any death-defying stunts tomorrow.

Wish me luck!
Well, I really hope that helps.
'Til then, toodles!


Syahidan said...

haha..chayuk2 nedi..

"kurangkan blur, tingkatkan cool"


hana said...

mcm mane miss MC ? ngeh2~

naddy said...

haha. SANGAT FAIL. sekian terima kasih