Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Pelancong itu.

From the title, I hope you know what I'm talking about. Well, do you?

Okay okay. Let's just go straight to the point. On Monday, I went out with my BFF, Aizat. She was supposed to go back to her university, tapi die ponteng!! Haha Saje nak kantoikan die. Hihi. After 2-3 jam makan sambil berborak kat McD, baru lah decide nak wat ape kann. Since we don't have money to shop (tapi end up jugak buy a pair of jeans + a cute blouse), we decided to watch a movie and the only movie to watch that seemed okay was "The Tourist". Before the movie, we went to pick up Liena at Melaka Sentral as she had an interview the following day. Sampai2 je bawak die tengok wayang kann. Hebat tak tourist guide layan tetamu? Haha. Oh, the embarrassing thing was me and Aizat asyik sesat mase nak cari a place to eat dinner mase bawak Liena tuh. Sesat dalam shopping mall lak tu! Duhh Lame gileeee. Hahahaha. So I kinda fail jadi tourist guide kadang2. Hihi

All in all, the movie was awesome! Cool! Funny! And I would like to watch it againnn! Hehe. I don't wanna say much because then I would be giving away spoilers. But, Johnny Depp is just being Johnny Depp. So cool and mysterious. I like. Hehe. 

Oh, one thing that made me so attracted to the movie is the location. VENICE, Italy is soooo awesome! Tak jadi la nak pegi France. I want to go to Venice, pulak! Serious! I was so in awe of the boats, the buildings, the amount of water surrounding that city. Breathless, speechless, coolness, awesomeness. Haha. Running out of words dah niii. But now I have to learn Italian. Buongiorno~ Hihi

Cool kann? 

See that S-curve formed by the Grand Canal.

No traffic! Hehe

The moment I start working, I will make a tabung-pegi-Venice so that one day I can go on a holiday there. It would be even cooler if I could go there on my honeymoon. Hihi. Let's hope this wish of mine comes true one day :D

P.S. Cool gile Eppy buat GIF. He posted on his tumblr. Eppy's tumbler. I don't have an account. Should I make one?

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