Monday, January 17, 2011

She Works Hard for the Money

Hi, my name is Nadiah. I have a panda. His name is...

Err. Errm. Malu lah nak cakap. Name die sgt pelik. Haha. Kesian die tauu. Mesti kena penyek ble tdo. Patotla muke pasrah mcm tu je. Haha


I have always been multi-tasking. Constantly. When I was a student, I always multi-tasked. Wat esemen sambil layan cite sambil maen FB and maybe at the same time SMSing. Gile kann? Like now laaa. I'm writing this post while at the same time playing poker, chatting with 3 of my friends, and surfing the internet. So this post is gonna take like forever to finish. Haha


Okay, dunno why I'm so random today. Lari topik je ni. Adeh. Haven't updated my blog for awhile now since I've been busy working. Penat wehh. Wake up early in the morning to go and pick up the others, and end up making the 10-minute journey to the cafe a 45-minute journey. That's why I've been so tensed when it comes to driving. Huk3. Too many bad drivers on the road! And bile balek dah gelap. Wahhhh.

And, I've been working really hard for the money. Since one of the part-timers left, tinggal lah me and my brother. And I've done basically everything. 

  1. Cashier
  2. Waiter
  3. Make drinks
  4. Wash the dishes
  5. Closing the account - balance the accounts. 
  6. Cleaning - Sweeping, mopping, wiping tables and windows
  7. Work the drink machines 
  8. Help prepare food
  9. Cake-packaging
  10. Make coleslaw, 13 litres of mushroom soup (cool!)
  11. Putting price tags pakai that price-tag gun. Awesomeee kan?! (Excited plak)
Saje nak penohkan 10, ttbe dapat 11. Hehe. Rasenye cam ade je lagii. But these are the main things that I do. Banyak tapi besh laa. Macam2 buat. I've been only working for one week only but then I have to be a sifu to these newbies. They came in on Wednesday. They are the real part-timers while I just filled in the void for the time being. Gile la. Never new I was such a fast learner kann. Mr. P, cpt panggil budak ni! Hehe Okay, angkat bakul sendiri pulak die niii. 

Honestly, I've never worked this hard to earn money. Since I've only worked once before and that was during my internship. RM500 a month was just a piece of cake compared to this. If I did work a full month I will get about the same amount, and that is done by doing all those above. But it does depend though. On slow business days, I won't have that much work. Hehe. 

Anyways, what I get from this is job really priceless. I tend to appreciate those working at restaurants more. Learn to be moreeee patient when waiting for the food and such. Penat weh keje. Besides that, I really value money more. Since I have to work soooo hard for it, I feel like I wanna keep it. Tamo gunee. Hihi

Starting from tomorrow, I will officially retire from the food biz industry and become a driver, since there are the new part-timers to ganti me. Kejap sgt keje dah retire. Haha. Lepas ni jd part-time driver and suri rumah. Heee

By the way, the title of this post is from this song:

Sebenarnye, pena dengar 2-3 kali je lagu nii. Mase nak pk title ni br teringat pasal lagu ni. Hihi

P.S. Yesterday went out with my ex-schoolmates. Beshhh. We went shopping (eh, kate nak save duet??), karok-ing, pegi pantai, and jonker walk-ing! Hihi. Hope to hang out soon!


A E D A said...

waaaa bila entah nak sampai jonker walk tu, teringit bangattt

naddy said...

hehe. sile laa turun melaka then! i jd tourist guide :P

online all articles said...

hello..singgah sini.. i follow u.. u follow me back ya.

SuRayA^i. said...

weyh, jdik surirumah lg hectic tau =p

naddy said...

haha, tapee. kat umah ni ade sape je ponn. :P