Saturday, January 08, 2011

Part-time Job

It just had my shower and am currently resting on the sofa. Heyyy, today was a veryyyyyy tiring day okay. Can't believe I've been working for 4 days already. Haha. I'm helping out at my mom's cafe, Dayang Recipe. Currently understaffed, but at least I get salary. It's better than doing nothing at home at getting nothing. Hehe

Today was probably the busiest day yet. I just lost my dish-washing partner, as she had to go back to her college. So there I was having to do the dishes and at the same time checking out if there were customers that needed to be attended to. If there were any, I had to settle their bills or take their orders. Other than that, there was the task of making the drinks, sending the orders, cleaning the tables and occasionally trying to meet the customers demand.

And then there were the cake-buyers. So I had to explain about the cakes and then cut and pack them into their desired size. Gahhh. Tak kesah laaa if datang sorang2. Ni datang sekaligus. Mau kelam kabut. Haha. My lunch today was at 7pm and that can already be counted as dinner. Thank god my little bro was around to help. There was just the three of us, including the cook. Siyes tak cukup tangan ni. Tunggula staff baru datang. Can't wait. Hoho.

The upside of all the madness is the food. Yummy! Can eat every second of the day. I seriously feel fat just being in the cafe. Asyik nak mengunyah je. Hehehe. So, if you wanna lose weight, don't work in the food biz. My bro who worked while waiting for his results gained a significant amount of weight. Now, he's back to normal laa. Dah masok Uni bagai kann. Hehe

That's all I can manage to say. Tired. 


si gadis said...

really, I am willing to do the dishes. please2 offer me the job naddy! :D I can also lap2 the meja, hantar2 the drinks and orders. haa..ala2 resume dah ni.

naddy said...

haha ko snggup dtg keje kat melaka ke niii? kena try tnye mak aku dulu la cane. sbb ade org baru nak masok jugak nii. hehe

si gadis said...

i can stay at my maksu's house. okeh tny2. jgn tak tny! hehe

inchemohdfarouk said...


chicken chop satu plis

naddy said...