Saturday, January 22, 2011


I've never actually done this before but since I got all the time in the world, there's always the first for everything rightt? This should be a quick one coz I'm feeling a bit tired working today. I know I said I retired but I had to step in for today since the part-timers were on leave today. They went to the "Jom Masuk U" thingy at MITC. I didn't go but they said UTP pon ade! Now, I'm starting to miss UTP. Hhhmmm... Anyways, sesape tgh nak masuk U tu, pegilaaa. I think its going on during the weekend. For more info, please click HERE.

Eh lari topik plak kan. Sempat lagi promote. Haha. So, let's just go straight to the point. The tag I got is from nurainrose. Hehe

"Once you have been tagged,you are suppose to write a note, with 25 random thing, fact, habits or goal about you. At the end, choose 25 people to be tagged. You have to tag the person who tagged you. If I tag you, it's because I want to know more about you. Your cooperation is highly appreciated."

So here are the 25 random things about me! :)

1. My name is Nadiah binti Jamil. Yep. It's that short. Jangan terkejut. Sometimes people like to tease me because of this.

2. I'm the eldest, but most people usually think I'm either the youngest or in the middle. Nape ehh?

3. When I was younger, I was sooooo obsessed with WESTLIFE. Sume album pon beli. Sume lagu pon tauu. Its kinda embarassing to admit it now coz boybands are so LAME now. Eh, tapi dulu cool tau! Don't teaseee

4. Random fact: You know my car plate number, JKD ****. The meaning behind it is "Jamil Kena Dera" since he has to pay the monthly bill. Tapi nanti bile akak keje akak kena smbung kan kan kan? -____-

5. At home, I'm just called "Kakak". Sume org pon panggil tu. Most of my aunts, uncles, grandparents, my parents' friends pon. Haha. At school, I was just called Nadia and to certain people yang gedik, Dia. Aigoo ayu sangat. My nickname Naddy just started at UTP kutt. Its from an email I made. Dah taley gune dah emel tu, lupe passowrd. Hehe. The shortest nickname: D.

6. Mase baru-baru masok UTP tu, my weight was about 40kg. Skang dah 47kg! Naek 7kg duk UTP. So ssape yang rase die tu tiang, sile la pegi mapley stiap malam. Pastu balek tido la ehhh. Tayah ngade2 nak exercise. Haha. Sbb there was one sem, I was active playing netball, nmpk lagi keding dari biase -___- Tapi dun worryyy. Nmpk je. Hehe. 

7. I like the colour purple!!

8. I don't like cats. Haha. I don't hate them because hate is a veryy strong word but you won't find a cat in my home soon. Unless I'm married to someone who adores themmm. Hehe

9. Dulu mase mule2 masok UTP, sangat skemaa. Now?? ....Hancurrrr

10.  I seriously hate pacats! Or worms, or anything that is long and doesn't have legs and icky gooey. Ular acceptable lagi la kut. The first time kena gigit pacat was when I went on the Rekreasi camp for Co-cu UTP during first year first kut. Gile nanges menjerit2 suh orang cabutkan. Malu wehhhh. 

11. Saye baek. Angkat bakul sndiri sbb ringan sangat. Bile tipu berat sbb dosa kan? So maksudnye saye tak tipu. Haha

12. I am a good listener. But sometimes too good of a listener. Jadi cam emotional sponge. Sometimes je. Hehe. 

13. I prefer subjects that require memorizing. Bagi laa papepon yang kena baca. Boley score! Except BIOLOGY. I sucked at that. Haha. I LOVED History though. Teacher's pet kut dulu. Hehe. 

14. When I worked at my mom's cafe, I loved to do everything except taking orders and sending them. Saye pemaluuuu. Huk3

15. At school, saye budak yang paling baek. Urghh I hate thinking the fact that I was soooo budak baek mase kat skolah dulu. Tak rock langsungg

16. Suke bawak kete laju2. And suke hon orang if orang tu wat salahhh. Tapi laju saye selamat je :)

17. Okay starting to run out of random things to say about myself. Erm, I started blogging in 2006.

18. I'm currently hungry.

19. I like to drive so this means I like to travel. Setakat KL-Melaka tu ape ade hal kannn? Hehe. Tapi kekadang menyampah ngan orang yang tak reti drive dgn betol. Pk die je. Tak pasal2 kite plak accident kan. Ish2.

20. (tiru Zeema) Penah jatuh moto gakk. Mase tu kat tapak konvo 2008. Tak pena ade lesen moto and tak pena bawak moto, maka menggedik la nak try bawak moto Ide time tuu. Ide ajar la cane nak start, accelerate sume. Tapi bile dah boley gerak, baru sedar die tak ajar cane nak brake. Sooooo, tak reti nak stop. In the end, langgar meja2 kat tapak konvo tuu and moto tu jatuh on me. Naseb baek tade pape. Haha. Banyak saksi wehhhh. Malu3. Hehe

21. I like to play bowlinggg. Jum lawannn?

22. I'm the eldest cucu at my mom's side. So, I'm the first for everything. I'll be the first to graduate! At my dad's side tak sure lakk. Banyak je lagi tua. Hehe

23. Tak saba nak stat keje, though I know I'll regret saying that. Will really miss UTP. Huhu

24. I have a huge collection of bracelets! Selalu gile beliii. Tapi pakainye takk. Hehe. Ade bebrape je that I always wear.

25. Okeh dah abes dah. (Kire ke tak niii?)

Well, that was kinda hard. I wanna tag everyone that hasn't been tagged yet. Korang sume dah wat kann. Dak2 UTP je sume niii. Lemme tag my old schoolmate. Zila, sile buat tag nii! Tapi buat lepas dah siap design DC ko tuu :P


Lil0 ChIp$ said...

ok3...aku nk usahakan design DC aku..
then, aku wat entri nie..... =)

bLueSpeCky said... 10 tu samer ngan aku, geli 20 yg ader name aku yg cute tu, aku raser aku la salah sorang saksi tu..hahahhaa

naddy said...

zila: haa. buat2. aku tnggu entri ko nnt ;P

zima: hahaha. aah kan! ko pon antara saksi2nyee. maluuuuuu sgt3. naseb bek xroboh khemah2 kat ctuu. hehe

bLueSpeCky said...

hahhaa..tau xpe! kalo roboh mmg haru