Tuesday, January 11, 2011


Hey, it's another day that has a cute date! And on this day, it brings lots of meaning to me. 

I'm finally, officially graduated from UTP! Woohooo! Results were out at about 12.30 am in the morning. After clicking the "Exam Result Slip" a gazillion of times (starting from 12am) baru la kuarrr slipnye. Pandai betol UTP pilih tarikh kann? This also means the start of that long 6-month period to wait for that P placement. Adehh. Lame kut. I already feel bored waiting for the results to come out. And now, I have to start to do another countdown. Hope I get it quick :D

Oh, my results were not as good as the previous semester. My major subjects didn't help much. Even after all that studying and struggling. Tsk tsk. Well, that's my luck when it comes to exams. The efforts never seem to be enough. Only sometimes I do manage to get pleasing results. However, I did manage to get a solid A in French. Looks like I deserve a holiday trip to France, don't you think? Dahla French was my last paper, and at that time, most of my friends dah abes exam pon. Pegi study kat IRC pon gelak2 study je with the people taking Arab kan. Talk about language barrier kann? Susah kut study ngan orang laen2 bahasa. Haha.

IRC study-mates and French classmates.
Alamak, Wan tade dalam gambar. Hehe

And I'll never forget the full marks we got for our French Drama. I think I still owe my group mates something. They were really the people that made my day during my birthday (sbb the drama presentation was on that day too) since I was totally ignored that day, while at the same time losing my FYP and FYDP files. Yep, those were just pranks. Don't worry. I don't have to repeat my FYP and FYDP, okayy. They are just pranks that were really stressful! Sedey tauuu T_T

Ehh, sayang pulak saye dengan French nii. Meleret2 je cakap pasal die. Tapi mestila sayang dah dapat A kann. Haha. Anywayss, congrats JAN'06ers. Kite dah grad! Can't wait to start a new phase in life :)


bLueSpeCky said...

ahakz..legit ar ko nk jdi tourist guide nk gi france nnt jom :P tgk the tourist aritu cambes je nk gi jln2 france kan..haha..btw, congratz samer2 da grad :)

naddy said...

ahaha. legit2! yg the tourist tu kat italy kann? jum la g due2. hihi. kumpul duet bertahun2 dulu la. haha

congrats jugak! :D